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- Some guiding comments for your project website -

Having a homepage for your project on the INTERNET serves mainly two purposes, namely to communicate with your colleagues and to get visibility for your project. Regarding the second aspect, please find some comments which shall help you to design a home page to which a link form the EUROPA or CORDIS servers of the European Commission could be established because they fulfil our minimum requirements. Details how we establish the link will depend on the structure of our servers, our information policy and technical choices.

  • Your front page, once it is opened, should contain as part of the first screen and without any further scrolling an acknowledgement to the European Union and the relevant specific programme. It is advised to mention the contract number too - please do not use the proposal number. The acknowledgement shall have good visibility but its wording and layout are not prescribed by us. That's your choice but you may wish to consult your partners and the scientific officer responsible for the project on that matter.
  • Your front page should contain an active link to the relevant programme page on the Europa Server and optionally to the programme page on the CORDIS Server - see below for the addresses.
  • Your front page should be proper to the project. It should have its own address, may not be part of a larger page and should not contain any advertisements for products, companies or institutions. However, it is your choice what do you wish to include into other pages of your project homepage but you may wish to consult your partners and the scientific officer responsible for the project. Whether your project homepage is fully or partially on a site/server managed by the co-ordinating institution or with any partner is a matter internal to your project but you may wish to rule this by the technical annex of the project.
  • If your project is part of a group of projects the responsible scientific officer may ask you to add links to other projects or other relevant sites. Details regarding this is part of the negotiation between the project consortium and the scientific officer.

In case of questions please contact the scientific officer responsible for your project.

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