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Water, Wetland and Aquatic Ecosystem Research - LINKS

This page intends to be a pointer between ongoing projects of the Fourth Framework Programme's Environment & Climate programme of the European Union and related general information. Freshwater represents a vital strategic resource for human society. Desertification and related quality loss of landscape are threats to our society. Freshwater is used to produce drinking water, food, energy, industrial products, and for transportation and recreation. The ecological services provided by terrrestial and aquatic ecosystems include the regulation of hydraulic and biogeochemical cycles, the detoxification of contaminants and habitat support. These areas of R&D have been taken up in the Fifth Framework Programme under the Key Action "Sustainable management and quality of water".

High quality data and appropriate project management are not only important in the project life cycle but ultimately facilitate dissemination and project results.See an example, from another research area, which type of support could be provided in Europe. - Your guide to Oceanographic and Marine Data

General information on the Commission

The EUROPA home page of the European Commission gives you general information on the European Union.

The RESEARCH HOME PAGE gives you more specific infomation on Research and the Research Directorate General of the European Commission.

The CORDIS Home Page gives your a broad view on past and ongoing RDT of the European Union including ENVIRONMENT&CLIMATE and MAST.

WAtER - Projects
[Last update: 03.11.1998]

Desertification - Projects
[Last update: 07.05.1999]

RELATED EVENTS & NEWS [Last update: 07.12.1998]
  1. Endocrine Dirsrupters: When life's waste changes life itself
    [RTD Info No. 20]de fr

  2. The Environment-Water Task Force has produced its final report:
    "FRESHWATER: A Challenge for Research and Innovation - A Concerted European Response". The report is available as browsable version. It can also be downloaded as PDF-file, the complete report in full colour or in black&white and no images.
More specific actions of DG-XII and the JRC

ENRICH is a network on global change research ELOISE, is a European contribution to research on land ocean interaction. The CEO programme is an initiative regarding use of earth observation data run jointly with the JRC.

Due to their relevance for environmental research the Environment & Climate programme has operational links with a number of international organisations.

Any enquiries please address to:
Hartmut Barth (Research DG)
SDME 7/57
200 rue de la Loi - Wetstraat 200
B-1049 Bruxelles / Brussel
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