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Research into stratospheric Ozone - THESEO


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Project acronym
or contract no.
Project titleProject coordinator
APE-THESEO Airborne Platform for Earth observation: the contribution to THESEO L. Stefanutti, IROE-CNR, Italy
HALOMAX Mid and high latitude stratospheric distribution of long and short lived HALOgen species during the MAXimum chlorine loading A. Engel, University of Frankfurt, Germany
STREAM-III Stratosphere - TRoposphere Experiments by Aircraft Measurements III J. Lelieveld, IMAU,The Netherlands
TOPOZ-2 TOwards the Prediction of stratospheric Ozone W. Norton, University of Oxford, United-Kingdom
COSE Compilation of atmospheric observations in support of satellite measurements over Europe M. De Maziere, Brussels, Belgium
HIMSPEC High and Middle latitude speciation of the nitrogen chlorine and hydrogen families by airbone measurements H. Oelhaf, Karlsruhe, Germany
LAGRANGIAN A lagrangian experiment in the Arctic vortex J. P. Pommereau, CNRS, France
METRO Meridional transport of ozone in the lower stratosphere A. Hauchecorne, CNRS, France
O3-LOSS Third European Stratospheric Experiment on Ozone Stratospheric Ozone Destruction by Bromine G. O. Braathen, NILU, Norway
PAUR II Photochemical activity and ultraviolet radiation modulation factors C. S. Zerefos, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
POSTCODE Multi Instrument Investigation of Polar Stratospheric Cloud Formation and the Heterogeneous Chemistry involved in Stratospheric Ozone Depletion J. Remedios, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
ALDUVAlGaN Detectors for low cost solar UV-B Band Monitoring SystemsE. Muņoz, Madrid, ES
CHEMICONChemistry And Microphysics Of Contrail FormationR. Zeller, Essen, Germany
POLINAT-2 Pollution from Aircraft Emissions in the North Atlantic Flight Corridor U. Schumann, DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany


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