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THESEO Fifth European Workshop on Stratospheric Ozone

27 Sept. - 1 Oct. 1999

St. Jean de Luz, France

The Fifth European Workshop on Stratospheric Ozone is being organised by the European Commission, CNRS and CNES.

The results of recent research on stratospheric ozone carried out in Europe in the frame of Environment and Climate programme of EC / DGXII and national programmes will be presented. In particular the findings of the Third European Stratospheric Experiment on Ozone (THESEO) which is investigating the ozone decline over middle latitudes, including Europe, will be discussed. Topics of interest include the chemistry and dynamics of the mid-latitude stratosphere, the links with processes occurring in the tropics, the Arctic and the upper troposphere, observed and modelled ozone loss, microphysical processes and heterogeneous chemistry.

As in the previous European workshops on stratospheric ozone, the presentation and discussion of results in poster sessions will be a major component. The oral plenary sessions will be a mixture of invited and selected presentations. The proceedings will be published by the European Commission in a volume containing extended abstracts of the oral and poster presentations.

Immediate information can be obtained from:
Dr. G.T. Amanatidis, European Commission, RESEARCH DG, 200 rue de la Loi, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium, Tel. +32 2 295 8815, Fax+32 2 296 3024, e-mail

Dr. N.R.P. Harris, European Ozone Research Coordinating Unit, 14 Union Rd, Cambridge CB2 1HE, United Kingdom, phone +44 1223 311 772, fax +44 1223 311 750 and e-mail

Dr. J-P. Pommereau, CNRS SA, BP3, 91371 Verrieres le Buisson, Paris, France, Tel. e 6447 4288, Fax +33 l 6920 2999, email:

Additional information including registration materials and abstract submission - deadline July 31, will be posted on the web-site and sent out in further circulars.


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