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EurOCEAN 2000 - The European Conference on Marine Science and Ocean Technology
   Hamburg (Germany), 29 August to 2 September 2000
   | Last update: 05.09.2000 |

High Mountain Lakes and Streams. Indicators of a changing world
   Innsbruck, Tyrol (Austria), 4 to 8 September 2000
   | Last update: 03.03.2000 |
   The main activities of the conference will take place at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Innsbruck. Associated cultural and social events will be organised in scenic locations around Innsbruck, Tyrol. Austria.

4ème conférence de la Commission européenne
   La recherche pour la protection, la conservation et la mise en valeur du patrimoine culturel:
   opportunités pour les entreprises européennes - Strasbourg (FR) 22-24 novembre 2000
   Annonce et programme
4th European Commission Conference
Research for protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage:
   opportunities for European Enterprises - Strasbourg (FR) 22-24 November 2000
   Programme and announcement
   | Last update: 10.08.2000 |

Fourth European Wave Energy Conference
   Aalborg University, Denmark - December 4-6, 2000
   1st Announcement and Call for Papers - Flyer available in PDF (waveenergy.pdf; 238 Kb)
   see also the conference website at:

Previously held meetings:

European Workshop on Aviation, Aerosols, Contrails and Cirrus Clouds
   Seeheim (Germany), 10-12 July 2000
   | Last update: 27.03.2000 |
   This focussed Workshop will address persisting uncertainties on the role of aerosols and particles from aviation and other sources to contrails and cloud formation with impact on stratospheric ozone and climate. The recent European and international assessments (WMO, IPCC, ICAO) stress the urgent need to clarify these uncertainties, which limit our ability to project the atmospheric impacts of aviation. The workshop will provide a forum for presentation of the results of current and past EC and national research activities in this field (including THESEO). The outcome of the Workshop will contribute to the regulatory process within ICAO and the Montreal Protocol. For aviation industry is also of great importance to know which type of aircraft emissions has the largest impact on contrails and cloud formation.
Further information: or

ELOISE - European Land-Ocean Interaction Studies - 3rd Open Science Meeting
   1-4 December 1999, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
   | Last update: 29.11.1999 |


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