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Energy, environment and sustainable development

EurOCEAN 2000
The European Conference on Marine Science and Ocean Technology

Hamburg, Germany
29 August - 2 September 2000

Summary of Session B - 14:30 18:30, Tuesday 29th August 2000

The contribution of marine research to sustainable development: Examples from enclosed European seas.

The entire session was devoted to the general twin challenge of relating marine resources to the measurement of sustainability and to the proper governance of transboundary, enclosed and semi-enclosed seas. The session was composed of three parts: introduction by the convenors; two invited keynote speeches addressing larger cross-cutting aspects, sustainability and integrated management; and seven contributed papers that illustrated a variety of topics under the general heading of enclosed and characteristically endangered seas.

The session opened with a broad presentation of recent developments and trends in rapid marine environmental change and the increasingly complex socio-ecological context related to aspects of sustainable development. The Mediterranean, the Black Sea (and Azov) Sea, the Caspian and the Baltic were utilised throughout the presentations in order to emphasise the sources and magnitudes of marine degradation, the need for institutional capacity building and the centrality of transboundary interdependence. The conclusions emphasised the need for conceptual breakthroughs; for methodological advances (especially computational prowess); for organisational innovations and flexible administrative mechanisms. They also emphasised the potential range of knowledge expansion through expanded spatial and temporal data, as well as through increasing interdisciplinary approaches.


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