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Environmental Health and Chemical Safety Research - LINKS

This page intends to be a pointer between ongoing projects of the Environment & Climate programme of the European Union and related general information. RTD avtivities in the Theme on Environmental Health and Chemical Safety Research cover areas such as Risk to Human Health, Risks to the Environment and Chemical Safety.

High quality data and appropriate project management are not only important in the project life cycle but ultimately facilitate dissemination and project results.See an example, from another research area, which type of support could be provided in Europe. - Your guide to Oceanographic and Marine Data

General information on the Commission
The EUROPA home page of the European Commission gives you general information on the European Union.
The RESEARCH HOME PAGE gives you more specific infomation on Research and the Research Directorate General of the European Commission.
The CORDIS Home Page gives your a broad view on past and ongoing RDT of the European Union including ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE and MAST.
An overview of funded projects under the MAST-III programme
can be found in the CORDIS RTD-Projects Database

  • Endocrine Dirsrupters: When life's waste changes life itself
    [RTD Info No. 20]de fr
  • Due to their relevance for environmental research the Environment & Climate programme has operational links with a number of international organisations.


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