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  • 09/02/07: EU and US agree to cooperate on environmental research and ecoinformatics link 5
    Under a new agreement concluded today by the European Union and the United States, scientists and researchers from both continents will be working closer together to more strategically address common environmental challenges. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States government and the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union (EU), have agreed on an “Implementing Arrangement on Environmental Research and Ecoinformatics” (the science of information in ecology and environmental science) which was negotiated under the auspices of the bilateral Science and Technology Agreement between the United States and the European Union.

  • 16/02/06: European Commission signs agreement on promoting sustainable towns with UN-HABITAT link 6
    The European Commission has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UN-HABITAT to develop the research relationship between the two organisations. UN-HABITAT is the UN’s human settlement programme and the new agreement will help researchers to address issues such as urban planning and governance, housing, water management, sanitation and land use. The results of these joint research efforts will be made available to experts and policy-makers working in related fields.

  • 16/02/06: Environment: Commissioner Dimas sets out 2006 priorities building on momentum of landmark year 2005 link 7
    Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas today set out his broad priorities for this year as the European Commission published its annual Environment Policy Review (EPR) for 2005. The Review underlines that last year EU and global climate change policy made a major advance and that the foundations of the next generation of EU environment policy were laid through the first four in a series of Thematic Strategies. The new policies show that protecting the environment and boosting economic growth can go hand in hand. Over the course of 2006 Commissioner Dimas intends to build on this progress with a series of further climate change initiatives and continued action to simultaneously protect the environment and stimulate economic growth through technological innovation and better regulation. Preserving biological diversity will also be a major focus this year, and efforts to ensure Member States implement EU environment laws properly and on time will be stepped up.

  • 03/02/06:  Janez Potocnik: Opening remarks at International Symposium on Climate Change link 8
    Research will play a crucial role in tackling climate change, Janez Potocnik told an international symposium in Brussels. The Research Commissioner said, "The global dimension of climate change and natural hazards has initiated a number of international research efforts and collaborations, in which Europe has played and continues to play a key role." Potocnik highlighted a number of examples of successful international climate research collaboration in Framework 6, including a joint European-African team examining the impact of the West African monsoon on global climate.

  • 03/02/06: FP7 will help us deal with the effects of climate change, says Commission link 9
    Participants at the international Symposium on Climate Change Research Challenges on 2 February heard plenty of bad news about the reality of climate change, but also heard plans for future research that should help to address some of the issues raised (…).

  • 13/01/06: Commission proposes strategy to improve the environment in Europe’s cities link 10
    The European Commission today launched a new Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment to help Member States and regional and local authorities improve the environmental performance of Europe’s cities. The Strategy is one of seven foreseen under the 6th Environmental Action Programme. Its goal is to facilitate better implementation of EU environmental policies and legislation at the local level through exchange of experience and good practice between Europe’s local authorities. Four out of five European citizens now live in towns and cities and their quality of life is directly influenced by the state of the urban environment.

  • 12/01/06: Greening the Torino Winter Olympics: an EU success story link 11
    The upcoming 20th Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Torino in February and March, respectively, will be the first ever truly “green” major sports events in Europe. Both events will achieve this goal by making good use of EU voluntary environmental tools, in particular the EU eco-management and audit system (EMAS) and the European eco-label. At a press conference today, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas congratulated the representatives of the Torino Winter Olympics Organising Committee (TOROC) for rigorously applying these EU standards and tools from the planning to the execution of work at the Olympic sites. Commissioner Dimas was joined by Professor Valentino Castellani, President of TOROC as well as Professor Mercedes Bresso, President of the Piemonte Region. Cross-country skiing champion Manuela Di Centa, who won two gold, two silver and three bronze medals at the 1992, 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympic Games and who represents the athletes at the International Olympics Committee, also attended the press conference.

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