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| New flash alert service on environmental R&D keeps policymakers informed

From marine biodiversity to air pollution levels in cities, public policy must increasingly reflect the results of environmental science. But where can policymakers and the general public turn for reliable and updated information? DG-Environment has responded to this need with its recently-launched environmental news alert service.
DG Environment News Alert Service

Unveiled 5 January on DG-Environment’s website, the ‘Science for Environment Policy’ alert service link 1 offers a wide array of articles on environmental R&D projects and studies sponsored by international research organisations such as the United Nations Environment Programme, universities and research institutes and, of course, the European Commission itself. Many of the featured articles are drawn from scientific publications where research results have first been peer-reviewed for their legitimacy.

Updated weekly and offered free – users can easily search the site by subject or subscribe to have pre-selected topics sent regularly by email – Science for Environment Policy covers approximately 20 research topics, from agriculture and forests to climate change and marine ecosystems to the effects of noise on human health. These also cover the main themes of the EU’s Environment Action Programme and DG Environment’s policy priorities.

It’s one more way the European Commission is working to reinforce the links between science and policy. For full details, see:

Science for Environment Policy: DG Environment news alert service link 2

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