| Japan and the EU meet to discuss climate change research

On the agenda

Organised by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission, the workshop brought together some 40 researchers and policy-makers from Japanese and European institutes, Japanese ministries and agencies and the European Commission.

The event comprised five sessions, including three focusing on long-term climate change projection and monitoring; near-term climate prediction (decadal prediction); extreme events in the 21st century and climate change impacts.

In both the EU and Japan, ongoing research programmes have provided opportunities for further collaboration in areas of mutual interest. Participants were pleased to note that cooperative activities including project collaborations and expert exchanges have taken place since the Fourth Workshop.

Participants expressed considerable concern about increasing research needs on long-term stabilisation as discussed in the post-Kyoto framework negotiations following the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The frequent severe events in recent years causing a number of natural disasters were also remarked on as areas for concern.

Fruitful collaboration

The Workshop provided a significant forum for exchanging information on ongoing activities under the EU and Japanese climate change research programmes. Through scientific sessions, the participants recognised the valuable roles of existing collaborations and coordination activities, and identified a number of emerging themes for future cooperation in research with a view to improving the monitoring and projection of, and impact to, climate change.

The Workshop was a very useful networking forum for project to project contacts and cooperation. During the workshop, participants also approved a Joint Agreement, which encompassed three key issues:

  • a) there is a clear wish for closer and formal cooperation on climate research through specific actions

  • b) the importance placed on the forthcoming Science and Technology agreement to facilitate this cooperation

  • c) the wish to organise, if possible as early as next year, a dedicated EU-Japan Symposium on Climate Modelling and Decadal Prediction.

For more information on the Workshop, please contact Lucia Giannini.