| Damage risk assessment, economic impact and mitigation strategies for sustainable preservation of cultural heritage in the times of climate change

Project goals

Building on results of already concluded EU research projects (e.g. NOAH'S ARK) that have shown that cultural heritage is particularly vulnerable to climate change, this collaborative project aims at coupling completely new high resolution (10x10 km) climate change evolution scenarios with whole building simulation models to identify the risks for specific regions.

Appropriate sustainable mitigation and adaptation strategies will be developed and applied to a wide variety of immovable and movable cultural heritage under changing environmental conditions and in different climatic zones. These new strategies will focus on energy and resource efficiency.

In situ measurements and investigations at cultural heritage sites throughout Europe will allow a much more precise and integrated assessment of the real damage impact of climate change on cultural heritage at regional scale.

The CLIMATE FOR CULTURE project intends to offer innovative and concrete scientific results which will be effectively transferred to both business and political communities.

The team of the CLIMATE FOR CULTURE project consists of 30 multidisciplinary partners from all over Europe and Egypt including the world’s leading institutes and experts both in climate modelling and in whole building simulation.

The final achievement of the CLIMATE FOR CULTURE project will be an economic impact report on cultural heritage in the times of climate change akin to the 2006 STERN report. Such a report would be a truly European contribution to future reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suitable for integrating cultural heritage into the EU Sustainable Development Strategy.

EU research into cultural heritage