| ADAM: Adaptation and mitigation strategies – supporting European climate policy

Research findings

ADAM research identified, analysed and appraised existing and new policy options that contributed to different combinations of adaptation and mitigation strategies. These options addressed the demands that a changing climate will place on protecting citizens and valued ecosystems – i.e. adaptation – as well as addressing the necessity to minimise humankind’s impact on the global climate to a desirable level – i.e. mitigation. The appraisal of these options recognised the existence of multiple criteria: costs and benefits, cost effectiveness, equity, legitimacy, public support and environmental integrity. Such an appraisal identified where policy options can contribute to both objectives – i.e. adaptation and mitigation – and where policy trade-offs or conflicts may emerge.

The ADAM work programme was structured around four overarching domains: Scenarios, Adaptation, Mitigation and Policy Appraisal. In addition, four case studies were completed in which synergies and trade-offs between climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies were analysed at different scales, both within and outside Europe. The project provided important scientific findings to the European climate change policy development. Key results from the research conducted within these domains can be discovered by reading the ADAM final report.

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