| Funding for researchers in Japan

A unique opportunity

Researchers applying for the FP7 call for proposals can also apply to the JST call for the opportunity to receive additional funding for their projects. The call for proposals is open to researchers in Japan working on the following six topics under the FP7 theme of Environment:

  • risk, prevention and management of floods
  • water management and climate change impacts in the long-term perspective
  • technologies for improved safety of the built environment in relation to flood events
  • innovative coastal defence technologies
  • improved lifecycle impact assessment methods (LCIA) for better sustainability assessment of technologies.

The call for proposals is open until 8 January 2009 and participants are eligible for up to ¥22.5 million (€150 000) for a period of three years. Applications will be reviewed by a separate JST evaluation and recipients of EU funding are not guaranteed JST funding.

A very exciting initiative, this could serve as an example for other industrialised countries and could lead to more funding for research. It could also help researchers find partners and generally aid in reinforcing EU-Japan cooperation and research around the world.