| EU and Africa: a mutual concern for the environment

Need for cooperation

Africa is at the heart of Europe’s cooperation strategy – which includes research. As such, Europe wants to promote dialogue and identify areas where the two continents can work together. In such fields as the environment and research which have a global impact, it is necessary for Europe and Africa to collaborate to tackle key issues.

The November 2008 workshop aims to identify strategic topics with a regional dimension which are of mutual interest to both the EU and Africa. In accordance with the Joint EU–Africa Partnership, the topics discussed would be considered to be included in the EU’s research framework programmes in the area of environment, including climate change. The workshop is designed to address common problems, enhance scientific excellence and encourage the participation of African researchers in European projects.

The event will bring together top scientists, network leaders and administrators with programme managers to discuss areas of mutual concern and boost international scientific cooperation.

Europe also wants to make clear that Africa is not a second priority, but that it is a key element of European research and environmental policy.