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Does the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) live up to the R&D needs expressed by the renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS)? The contribution of EU research to sustainable development is the focus of the recently published web portal Research for Sustainable Development. The web portal acts as a continuously evolving gateway to consolidated information on sustainable development research activities in the EU, its Member States and beyond, showing how EU-supported research meets the expectations of the EU SDS.

Research for sustainable development

Sustainable development is a core objective of the European Union: we need to ensure that our present socio-economic development does not compromise our future. Current EU policies are based on the renewed EU SDS [pdf 191 Kb].of June 2006, where research and development (R&D) plays an important and multifaceted role.

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) the current framework for EU-supported research, aims to meet the R&D expectations arising from the EU SDS. The ten themes of the Cooperation Programme address – each to a different extent – the challenges and research needs identified by the Strategy. The web portal offers an overview of the various research activities undertaken and provides a complete picture of the policy context in the European Union and the European Research Area (ERA).


The website is divided into two main parts. The first, called "FP7 tailored for Sustainability", shows how each of the 10 Cooperation Themes contributes to the transition towards a low-carbon and resource-efficient society. The section is also dedicated to presenting the role of international cooperation in FP7 and how it fits with sustainable development, as well as information about sustainable development impact assessment tools and indicators.

The second main section looks at the "Policy Context" Here we can find out about how the EU and its Member States are progressing in the implementation of the EU SDS Sustainable Development Strategy. There are two main pages here, each providing a map interface. The first brings together the National Sustainable Development Strategies of each EU Member State, along with the updated progress reports. The second looks at how each Member State is supporting research related to sustainable development.

Finally, the portal provides a list of upcoming and past events linked to research and sustainable development. Interested parties are invited to send their notice of upcoming events to the web administrator.

Overall the site acts as a portal, to a wealth of information on this most important subject matter. It is not static, but rather a continuously evolving gateway to sustainable development research activities and information in the EU and beyond.



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