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    Commission Info-days in July focus on water quality, chemical-testing.
    On 19 July the European Commission will formally launch its call for proposals for eco-system and climate change technology projects as part of the EU’s Sixth Framework Research Programme.

    Focus on water quality
    Focus on water quality
    This fourth call for proposals will support FP6’s sub-priority known as ‘Global Change and Ecosystems’. It covers a broad swath of topics, ranging from the impact of climate change on eco-systems and biodiversity in the Mediterranean and Black Sea to anti-desertification methodologies to land-use strategies in urban and rural areas.

    A pair of these topics will soon be the focus of information exchanges for industry: water technologies and intelligent testing strategies for chemicals. Intelligent testing aims to integrate computer modelling and bio-informatics with pharmacology, toxicology and other fields of research to produce new analytical tools as alternatives to animal testing, among other things.

    To prepare the call and to bring industry and research groups together with stakeholders, the Commission is organising two Information Days in early July, both at the Centre Borschette in Brussels. The first – on intelligent testing strategies – will be held on 8 July, followed by the second on water technologies on 11 July. The latter will focus on the specific topics of:

    • source control of priority substances;
    • wastewater treatment concepts and processes;
    • advanced technologies for buried infrastructures;
    • membrane-based water desalination;
    • new systems and technologies for irrigation and drainage;
    • sustainable sanitation in developing countries.

    As the events will be restricted to 180 participants, reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis by no later than 1 July 2005. Interested parties should first consult the following website for information about the event and how to register:

    Environmental Technologies & Pollution Prevention Info Days: Details and Registration

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