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| SWIFT methods for monitoring water quality

    The SWIFT-WFD project will be holding a public workshop on existing methods for monitoring water quality in the European Union and their role in implementing the EU’s Water Framework Directive. The workshop, open to scientists, policy-makers and end users, will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on 7-8 March 2005.

    SWIFT methods for monitoring water quality
    The EU’s Water Framework Directive (WFD), which came into force in December 2000, seeks to provide a framework for protecting water quality and aquatic environments and to ensure the sustainable management of water resources. The existence of reliable, cost-effective and comparable methods for measuring and monitoring water quality will be essential to ensuring effective implementation of the Directive and the comparability of data across the EU.

    With this in mind, the SWIFT-WFD team set out to compile an inventory of existing screening methods for measuring water quality and to develop quality control tools to test the reliability of these methods, which provide an important complement to traditional laboratory analyses. In addition to the validation of existing screening methods, the project also hopes to develop new screening methods and training courses aimed at improving the quality of water monitoring programmes.

    The workshop will look at the role of monitoring programmes within the WFD, the state-of-the-art in water screening techniques, the quality of monitoring data and the socio-economic impact of low-cost screening devices, in particular on water management policies.

    For further information on the workshop please see the projects web site at

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