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| A blue Danube for a Black Sea

    The daNUbs project is hosting an international conference on nutrient management in the Danube River and its impacts on the Black Sea. The project partners will present the final results of their work at a conference to be held at the Vienna University of Technology on 16 December 2004.

    The Danube river flows through several industrialised European countries and, in so doing, picks up nutrients from industrial effluent, in particular, agricultural run-off. This has resulted in the eutrophication of rivers and lakes in both the Danube basin and the Black Sea. Eutrophication has social and economic consequences such as reduced fishing, less tourism and poorer quality drinking water. Therefore, if the Black Sea is to escape further damage, the nutrient load that is discharged into the Danube must be managed by the countries it flows through. The nutrients levels in the Danube are known to vary with economic activity – the daNUbs project has investigated how this nutrient load can be managed and reconciled with the need for economic growth. The team’s results and conclusions will be presented this month at the international conference ‘Nutrient management in the Danube basin and its impact on the Black Sea’.

    The conference will start by considering the present situation in the Danube basin, nutrient balances, their transport and retention, and the effectiveness of current monitoring activities. The second session will look at nutrient management scenarios developed by the project participants, including economic analyses of such scenarios. The final session will present the team’s recommendations for future management strategies in the Danube basin. Project participants come from all over Europe, in particular the countries the Danube flows through and those that border the Western Black Sea.

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