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Royal Museum for Natural Sciences
Rue Vautier, 29 - 1000 Brussels

Monday 5th March 2007

9:00-9:30 - Registration


Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potočnik (European Commission)


Chairs: Manuela Soares (European Commission) and Jean-Claude Gascard (U. Pierre Marie Curie, Paris)

9:45 - Observed changes in snow, ice and frozen ground

Peter Lemke (Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven)

10:05 - Success measures of the International Polar Year – European and international opportunities and challenges

Dave Carlson (International Polar Year)

10:25 - Climate and environmental change in the Arctic

Ola Johannessen (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Bergen)

10:45 - European strategic frameworks for research in the Polar Regions

Carlo Alberto Ricci (European Polar Board, European Science Foundation and U. of Siena) and Paul Egerton (European Science Foundation, European Polar Board & European Polar Consortium, Strasbourg)

11:05 - Polar environment and climate: European research in the Seventh Framework Programme

Elisabeth Lipiatou (Directorate Environment, DG Research, European Commission)

11:15-11:40 - Coffee break


11:40-13:00 - Session 1: Past climate

Chairs: Hugues Goosse (U. Catholique de Louvain) and Tavi Murray (U. Wales, Swansea)

11:40 - The Antarctic ice core record: a useful archive for a better understanding of our climate and environment

Dominique Raynaud (CNRS & U. Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)

12:00 - Dendroclimatological evidence of Arctic temperature changes through recent Millennia: current evidence and research prospects

Keith Briffa (U. East Anglia)

12:20 - Past climate variations around the Arctic on millennial to multi decadal scales: marine and terrestrial evidence (presentation not available)

Naja Mikkelsen (Geol. Survey of Denmark and Greenland)

12:40 - Past and present response of the northern forests to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations

Danny McCarroll (U. Swansea)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:05 - Session 2: Present changes and observations

Chairs: Cynan Ellis-Evans (British Antarctic Survey) and Jan Piechura (Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Science)

14:00 - Polar stratospheric ozone loss - Current understanding and links to changes in climate

Markus Rex (Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven)

14:25 - Observed and modelled polar climate: regional feedbacks and global links (presentation not available)

Klaus Dethloff and Annette Rinke (Alfred Wegner Institute, Potsdam)

14:50 - The poleward spread of warmth through subarctic seas: achievements and challenges

Bob Dickson (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, Lowestoft Suffolk)

15:15 - Carbon cycling at high latitudes - bottleneck for anthropogenic CO2 and precursor for ocean acidification

Christoph Heinze (U. Bergen)

15:40 - Is the Arctic Sea-Ice going to disappear in summertime in a foreseeable future?

Jean-Claude Gascard (U. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)

16:05-16:40 - Coffee break

16:40-18:00 - Session 3: Future climate & Modelling

Chairs: Corinne Le Quéré (British Antarctic Survey and U. East Anglia) and Peter Aastrup (U. Aarhus)

16:40 - Ranges of uncertainty on polar climate change over the past and coming decades (presentation not available)

Dáithí Stone (U. Oxford)

17:00 - Climate variability and climate change in the Arctic region

Helge Drange (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Bergen)

17:20 - Modelling climate variability and climate change in the Southern Ocean

Hugues Goosse and Wouter Lefebvre (U. Catholique Louvain)

17:40 - Future changes in snow, ice and frozen ground - A modelling challenge

Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen (Danish Meteorological Institute)

18:30-20:30 - Evening drink

Mobile exhibition of DAMOCLES to be launched

Tuesday 6th March 2007


9:00-10:20 - Session 4: Human and wildlife health

Chairs: Elisabeth Vestergaard (U. Aarhus) and Tuomo Karjalainen (European Commission)

9:00 - Human health implications from exposure to mercury and PCBs in the Arctic

Pál Weihe and Philippe Grandjean (Faroe Islands Hospital System and University of Southern Denmark)

9:20 - Northern aspects of mammal borne zoonoses

Heikki Henttonen (Finnish Forest Research Institute)

9:40 - Exposure of brominated flame retardants in the Arctic food chain

Pim Leonards (Free University, Amsterdam)

10:00 - Environmental contaminants in Polar Regions and human reproductive health

Jens Peter Bonde and Gunnar Toft (Aarhus University Hospital)

10:20-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-11:45 - Session 5: Research Infrastructures

(organised in cooperation with the Research Infrastructures Unit)
Chairs: Ian Allison (Australian Antarctic Division) and Terry Callaghan (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Abisko)

10:45 - Needs for novel research approaches, infrastructures and technologies for the exploration of the polar environments

Jörn Thiede (Alfred Wegner Institute, Bremerhaven)

11:05 - Atmospheric observatories at the Pallas-Sodankylä and Tiksi as examples of the IASOA project

Yrjö Viisanen and Jussi Paatero (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

11:25 - Research and research infrastructures in Svalbard during the International Polar Year

Jon Børre Ørbæk (Norwegian Research Council)

11:45–13:05 - Session 6: Natural and Socio-economic impacts of climate change

Chairs: Ad H.L. Huiskes (Netherlands Institute for Ecology) and Antonio Tovar Sánchez (IMEDEA, Baleares)

11:45 - Impact of climate change on Southern CO2 sink and marine ecosystems

Corinne Le Quéré (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, and U. of East Anglia)

12:05 - Current and projected impacts of climate change on landscapes and ecosystems of the European Subarctic

Terry Callaghan and Christer Jonasson (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Abisko)

12:25 - Man and climatic change - a call for a new research agenda

Elisabeth Vestergaard (U. Aarhus)

12:45 - Arctic Council Follow up work of ACIA

Lars Otto Reiersen (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, Oslo)

13:05-14:00 - Lunch

14:00–15:20 - Session 7 Public outreach, education and policy makers

Chairs: Elisabeth Lipiatou (European Commission) and Catherine Franche (European Network of Science Centers and Museums, Brussels)

14:00 - Bridging the science society divide)

Nighat Johnson-Amin (International Polar Foundation, Brussels)

14:20 - Polar climate challenge: Role of global environmental research in communication and outreach

Ann Henderson-Sellers (World Climate Research Programme, Geneva)

14:40 - Extreme science communication: how IPY can revamp science for the public

Walter Staveloz (Association of Science-Technology Centers, USA)

15:00 - Grasping climate – A science centre grip on global warming

Eva Jonsson and Olle Nordberg (Teknikens Hus, Luleå)

15:20-15:50 Coffee break

15:50–17:30 - Session 8 Round table

Reports from sessions by chairs and discussion on future perspectives and research needs

17:30-18:00 - CLOSING REMARKS

Zoran Stančič, Deputy Director General, DG Research, European Commission


Organised by Climate change and Environmental Risks Unit – Environment Directorate – DG Research
Scientific Officer: Damien Cardinal
Secretariat: Conchita Menendez-Garcia
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