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The videos presented in this section focus on the consequences of global warming in landuse, water resources, animals, plants and pollution, and illustrate the way we can intervene to stop the destruction of our ecosystem.

A Green Energy

The city of Västerås in Sweden has set up a large system of organic waste collection providing the city with biofuel, heat, electricity and even natural fertilizer for farmers. (Apr. '08)

Saving our Cultural Heritage

Parchment, made from partially-tanned animal skin, has been used since the 2nd century B.C. and it undergoes the irreparable damage caused by time. (Dec.'07)

Preventing Diseases

Insect or rodent borne human diseases have recently been reappearing in Europe. These diseases have serious health, ecological and political consequences. (Dec.'07)

Desert of Europe

Faced with the desertification that threatens Mediterranean Europe, researchers are trying to curb risk zones by studying certain exacerbating factors. (Jan. '08)

London below Sea Level

"It’s around one metre, bang there in the middle". Professor Tim Lenton sounds very pleased when he hears that policy-makers now officially revise the estimated sea level rise for London to around 94 cm within a century. (Oct. '08)

No Bees no Fruits

Scientists achieved an alarming result: pollinators and insect-pollinated plants in Britain and the Netherlands are declining, while the number wild bees dramatically increases. (Dec. '07)

Vanishing Lakes

Freshwater ecosystems, already under stress from land-use change and pollution, now face additional pressures from climate change, either directly or through interaction with other drivers. (Dec. '07)

Small, Green and Safe

It travels at around 30 km/h. No driver. No fuel. It is an automated vehicle, guided by three computers installed in the chassis. An engineer’s dream? It is not just a dream: this car exists. (Apr. '03)

Watching the Canopy

Europe committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Experiments on the fluctuations in carbon dioxide levels aimed to establish reports on the carbon balance. (Dec. '07)

Palms Conquer the North

The Chusan palm started to spread and regenerate outside the gardens in forests in Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy. (Jan. '08)

Safe Drinking

Clean drinking water is a basic requirement for a healthy life and the drinking water demand of an adult person is two litres a day. But worldwide over one Billion people do not have access to clean water. (Dec. '07)

Managing "Kyoto Forests"

In the attempt to reduce pollution, the representatives of the most industrialised countries in Europe have agreed upon the Kyoto Protocol, which establishes quotas on gas release. (Jun. '05)

The Sunny Side of Pollution

European cities today have to face increasing ozone pollution. With heat waves making it even worse, ozone pollution has become a major concern in Europe. (Feb. '03)

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