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• The design of avalanche protection dams - Recent practical & theoretical developments

The book represents a capitalisation of knowledge from previous EC research projects in the field of Natural hazards and, in particular, the CADZIE and SATSIE projects addressing the problem of avalanches. It is about the design of dams and other protection measures in the run-out zones of wet-and dry-snow avalanches. The book summarises recent theoretical developments and the results of field and laboratory studies, combining them with traditional design guidelines and principles to formulate design recommendations. The findings of the book are relevant to avalanche experts and authorities concerned with protection measures and risk management.

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• Report: Ex-post Impact Assessment - FP6 sub-priority “Global Change and Ecosystems”

This report, "Impact assessment of the FP6 sub-priority: global change and ecosystems", highlights the main achievements of selected projects funded by the European Union (EU) mainly under Framework Programme (FP) 6 (2002 – 2006). It also points out the challenges ahead for FP7 and future FPs. This study, which was carried out by an independent consultant, Technopolis, shows many positive scientific, social and operational impacts of EU funded research in the field of environment.

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• Commission Staff Working Document on Integrated Climate Change Research

The Commission adopted the Staff Working Document: Integrated climate change research following the release of the 4th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the most recent developments, prepared by DG Research. The EC Staff Working Document, which received very good comments from other DGs, was sent to the Council, European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. The document is based on the results of the International Symposium 'Future Climate, Impacts and Responses - The IPCC 4th Assessment Report and EC Integrated Climate Research' organised by Directorate-General for Research, Climate Change and Environmental Risks Unit (Brussels, 19-20 November 2007). It outlines the main research priorities and knowledge gaps based on the presentations and discussions during the symposium, together with examples of key, current and planned EU-funded activities on climate change research.

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• European Research on Climate Change - Projects of the Sixth Framework Programme

Information on the research projects on Climate Change financed by the European Commission, Directorate General Research, Environment Directorate under the Sixth Framework Programme. They cover issues on carbon and nitrogen cycle, atmospheric pollutants, climate dynamics and variability, prediction and impacts of climate change, stratospheric ozone, adaptation and mitigation strategies and observing and forecasting systems.

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• The EU works for you: environmental research for today and tomorrow

This publication presents major achievements from a selection of EU funded projects under FP6 in 10 key research areas: climate change, natural hazards, environment and health, natural resources management, biodiversity, marine environment, land and urban management, environmental technologies including cultural heritage, earth observation, and assessment tools for sustainable development.

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• Preserving our heritage
Improving our environment

The first volume of this publication highlights nearly 20 years of European Commission-supported research in the field of tangible or physical cultural heritage. This cooperation has helped reinforce Europes research and technological foundations for protecting and renovating our movable and immovable cultural heritage through new scientific methodologies, tools, materials and processes.

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• The Role of Science and Technology in GEOSS

This document describes the role of science and technology in advancing the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) through the Group on Earth Observations’ (GEO) 2007-2009 Work Plan. The Science and Technology Committee is working to strengthen this role by encouraging the wider scientific and technology community to participate as contributors to and benefactors of a sustained GEOSS.

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European Research on Environment and Health - Projects of the Sixth Framework Programme • European Research on Environment and Health - Projects of the Sixth Framework Programme

A catalogue 'European Research on Environment and Health Funded by the Sixth Framework Programme' has been compiled. It presents over sixty multidisciplinary pan-European research projects dealing with environment and health issues were funded by the Sixth Framework Programme of Research (2002-2006). The projects presented address a multitude of issues ranging from health impacts of climate change to improved integrated environment and health risk assessment methodologies.

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