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• European research on Natural Hazards :
catalogue of selected FP5 and FP6 projects

A catalogue of selected research projects on Natural Hazards financed by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research (Environment Directorate) under the fifth and sixth framework programmes. The projects cover issues on Avalanches, Floods, Forest Fires, Landslides, Multirisks, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes.

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• Climate Change – Research Challenges
(Proceedings of the International Symposium 2-3 Feb 2006)

The report summarises the presentations held at the International Symposium on Climate Change in the area of Climate Change and its Impacts, Ozone Depletion, Observations and Natural Hazards. It provides a consolidated overview of latest European research achievements in the areas specified and highlights outstanding research questions.

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• Commission research in action: tackling the hormone disrupting chemicals issue
Selected results emerging from Projects funded by the European Commission’s 5th Framework Programme for Research

Hormone-disrupting chemicals have generated quite a bit of media attention, leading the European Parliament to call for decisive action. But in order to find preventive measures, we need to know more about which chemicals we should be looking out for, how we can improve detection mechanisms and what the potential impact on human health could be. This publication outlines the results of projects dealing with endocrine disrupters, which will contribute to the development of new regulation.

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• European Research on Climate Change: Catalogue of FP5 and FP6 Projects on Carbon Cycle and Green House Gases

This publication showcases projects which have contributed markedly to environmental research on carbon cycle and other greenhouse gases – a priority in the EU research programmes. Several studies financed under the EU’s Framework Programmes aim to improve predictions of climate change and its consequences, and investigate potential strategies to mitigate the potentially disastrous effects. In addition, the catalogue on FP5 and FP6 projects will help policy-makers and researchers to identify the future research needs in the field of the European carbon and greenhouse gases for the 7th Framework Programme.

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• Workshop on European research on flood risk management: A contribution to the concerns generated by the summer 2005 Floods in Europe

The summer of 2005 saw extremely heavy rainfall, causing severe flooding, death and destruction in several Central and Eastern European countries. Floods are Europe’s primary natural hazard. This calls for concerted EU action, including research on flood-related issues. Research activities have concentrated on gaining a better understanding of the causes of floods and improving methods of prediction. FLOODSite – the largest ever research project on floods with a €10 million EU contribution – is currently dealing with integrated flood risk analysis and management methodologies. The workshop on flood risk management provided a platform for discussion on these important issues. This publication relays the different thematic sessions to readers and outlines a number of noteworthy projects.

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• Europe Sustainable Development Strategy – Research

Sustainable development is a deep-seated value of the European Union and encompasses issues of enormous importance to citizens, whether it be maintaining and increasing long-term prosperity, addressing climate change or working towards a safe, healthy and socially inclusive society. As we face increasingly rapid global changes, from the melting of the icecaps to growing energy demand and higher prices, the need to address unsustainable trends and to change our behaviour and attitudes is more pressing than ever.

The EU’s Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) aims to bring about a high level of environmental protection, social equity and cohesion, economic prosperity and active promotion of sustainable development worldwide. The 2005 Strategy focuses its actions on the key challenges of climate change and clean energy; public health; social inclusion, demography and migration; management of natural resources; sustainable transport and global poverty and development

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Cover "European Research on Climate Change – Catalogue of FP6 Projects (Volume 1)" • European Research on Climate Change – Catalogue of FP6 Projects (Volume 1)
A catalogue of research projects on climate change financed by the European Commission, Directorate General Research, Environment Directorate under the Sixth Framework Programme. They cover issues on carbon and nitrogen cycle, atmospheric pollutants, climate dynamics and variability, prediction and impacts of climatic change, stratospheric ozone, adaptation and mitigation strategies and observing and forecasting systems.
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Cover "Special issue of “Climate Policy” by EFIEA"• Special issue of “Climate Policy” by EFIEA
Climate change links together stakeholders: academic, industrial and government researchers, consultants and negotiators, industrial and non-government lobby organisations, consumers and, especially, policymakers. DG Research strongly supports such ties via instruments such as the European Forum on Integrated Environmental Assessment (EFIEA), a Concerted Action funded by the EU's Fifth Framework Programme.

EFIEA is network of research organisations across Europe whose purpose is to strengthen science-policy dialogue by bringing together leading researchers, stakeholders and policymakers to jointly address climate change and energy, transport, land use and water policies. One of its deliverables is a special issue of Climate Policy, the international peer-reviewed journal on responses to climate change. This issue focuses on climate policy options after 2012 by reviewing the long-term policy options for climate change adaptation and mitigation that Europe should pursue to enhance sustainability on a global level.
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TOPIC: NATURAL HAZARDS - Flood related research projects
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