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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

21. Research Headlines - Red alert for ragweed allergy

Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.Pollen season is a difficult time for many. In Europe, Ambrosia artemisiifolia L., a.k.a. common ragweed, could soon be adding to the plight of allergy sufferers, and many more people could develop symptoms. Climate change will enable this highly allergenic alien species to advance across the continent, say EU-funded researchers, who are calling for urgent action to keep the invader at bay. Read more

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

22. Events - 7th European Innovation Summit - 7-10 December 2015, Brussels

The 7th European Innovation Summit (7th EIS) is Knowledge4Innovation's annual flagship event taking place in the European Parliment in Brussels. The 7th EIS is taking place under the framework of the K4I Forum of the European Parliment which includes more than 30 MEPs.

The Forum is chaired by Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP. Other members include Jerzy Buzek MEP, Vice-Chair, Chair of the ITRE Committee and former President of the European Parliement, and Vicky Ford MEP, Chair of the IMCO Committee. The 7th EIS will bring together more than 1000 innovation stakeholders from Europe.

Read more

23. Success Stories - Watching for bubbles: storing CO2 at sea

Photo of a researcher from the project Is it possible to safely dispose of excess CO2 by storing it deep in the seabed? And what would be the effect on the ecosystem if this practice was widely used? A European research project carrying out tests in the North Sea and the Mediterranean is seeking to answer these questions. Read more

Monday, 09 March 2015

24. Research Headlines - Coastal forecasting service sets sail

Tugboat on the seaPowerful modelling tools developed by European researchers have been commercialised to provide forecasting services for coastal sea conditions in Europe and beyond. Applications range from storm forecasts for beach and coastal defence management to efficient route planning for shipping, and contingency planning for oil spills. Read more

Friday, 06 March 2015

25. Events - 9th GEO European projects workshop - 15-16 June 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Organised jointly by the Danish Meteorological Institute, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency, this workshop brings together European stakeholders interested in and actively contributing to the Global Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS).

Its timing has been set to maximise early insight and awareness of the new GEO Implementation plan for the next decade. Key features this year include the transition from the first to the second GEO ten-year implementation plan, the ambition to involve the private sector more closely in GEO, especially SMEs, and the need to develop the use of GEO data and information to respond more pro-actively to societal issues and challenges. Read more

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