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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

1. Events - Third Hellenic Forum for Science, Technology & Innovation - 29 June - 3 July 2015, Agia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece

The 3rd Hellenic Forum for Science, Technology & Innovation is taking place in Athens, Greece from Monday 29 June until Friday 3 July 2015 at the Campus of the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos". The Forum will cover a broad range of topics including ICT, Nanotechnology, Energy & Environment, Life Sciences and Accelerator Technologies for Society.

Under the Auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this poly-thematic conference aims to act as a meeting point for Science, Technology and Innovation attracting scientists of the Greek Diaspora and world class experts who will discuss global scientific developments. Read more

2. Events - Invasive Alien Species – Czech contribution to challenges for European research and policies - 3 June 2015, Brussels, Belgium

The aim of the conference is to discuss challenges related to the invasive alien species (IAS) and diseases in Europe and their impact on the development of EU policies in the field of agriculture and environment.

The complex issue of invasive alien species was recently addressed by the European Commission in the proposal for a Regulation on IAS. The Horizon 2020 programme tackles aspects of the need for sustainable food security, more resilient and resource efficient value chains, emerging crop diseases and integrated pest management.

The discussions among stakeholders and representatives from different EU institutions raised comments and challenges on how to implement the Regulation and what will be the impact and also the impact of the IAS on the agriculture. Read more

3. Success Stories - Sustainable farming gets down to earth

picture of a tractor on the field Under your feet is something very ordinary but essential to life-soil. It grows the food we eat and regulates the water, carbon and nutrient cycles that shape our environment and climate. To help keep farming sustainable, EU-funded researchers have mapped out the long-term impacts of how farmers use soil, and developed a tool and guidelines to support best practices in farms. Read more

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

4. Research Headlines - Electricity from concentrated sunlight

Picture of solar panels in AfricaEU researchers have demonstrated a new type of solar electricity generator which is twice as efficient as conventional photovoltaic panels. Two installations have proved their worth in North Africa. Read more

Friday, 08 May 2015

5. Events - Priorities for science and innovation policy: opportunities, structures and investment - 30 June 2015, London, UK

Timed to examine Government's post-election plans for UK science and innovation policy, and informed by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's inquiry on Priorities for science, this seminar will bring together key stakeholders from the academic community and R&D-intensive industries with policymakers.

Guest of Honour: Dr Jack Metthey, Director, Policy Development and Coordination, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

Read more

6. Research Headlines - Innovative materials to make life lighter

Image of the car in front to the beachThe average car in Europe weighed around 1400 kg and emitted about 132 g of CO2 per kilometre travelled in 2012. Lower weight equals a decrease in fuel consumption and as a result CO2 emissions. An EU-funded project has developed two new high-volume materials that could help new car models lighten their emission load. Read more

Thursday, 07 May 2015

7. Research Headlines - Getting a handle on pharmaceuticals in the environment

Photo of various medicineRoughly 3 000 pharmaceutical products are used in human healthcare. Since a patient's body does not fully metabolise some of them, they are excreted and can end up in the environment, where they can impact aquatic life, and potentially human beings. EU-funded researchers investigated how much concern is warranted about anticancer drugs and antibiotics. Read more

Wednesday, 06 May 2015

8. Events - Europeana Space: Hacking Culture Bootcamp - 8-10 May 2015, Amsterdam

This is a 3-day Hackathon event focused on experimenting with Smart Audio/Video formats, to come up with inspiring applications that create new TV experiences for the public or private domain, using Europeana content.

A debate with interesting speakers and the pitches of the hacking teams ahead of the Award ceremony complement this exclusive event about creative re-use of digital cultural content.

Hacking Culture Bootcamp is organized by the Europeana TV pilot of Europeana Space BPN Project.

Learn more and view the full programme in the event website.

Note that registration for hacking teams has closed but the event is open to the public who need only register for the debate for practical reasons. Read more

9. Research Headlines - Help for rail industry on cutting pollutants from diesel engines

Picture diesel locomotives at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof stationAn EU-funded project has demonstrated that it is economically and technically challenging for rail operators to replace or retrofit older diesel locomotives to meet tighter emission limits on pollutants. Market incentives should be provided to speed-up the switch to new, cleaner technologies, the project recommends. Read more

Monday, 04 May 2015

10. Research Headlines - A global network for food safety

Picture of family in the gardenAn EU-funded project has developed an online network to encourage global collaboration in research and innovation on food safety. The project's network, online information portal and research aim to improve food safety in Europe and reduce health risks. Read more

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