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The Periodic Table and us: its history, meaning and element scarcity

22 January 2019, Brussels

Join us on Tuesday 22 January 2019, from 14:30 – 16:30 in the European Parliament in Brussels, Room ASP 5G305 for the launching of the EuChemS Periodic Table depicting element scarcity, and to listen to a series of talks on the history of the periodic table, its meaning, and what lies ahead in the future.
The event is chaired by Member of the European Parliament Catherine Stihler. Indeed, the phone you may be using right now to read this is made up of some 30 elements – over half of which may give cause for concern in the years to come because of increasing scarcity.
With some 10 million smartphones being discarded or replaced every month in the European Union alone, serious actions to tackle the challenges ahead are needed.
Element scarcity is intrinsically linked with discussions on the Circular Economy, more efficient recycling practices, innovative alternatives, consumer behaviour, and more besides.
Unless solutions are provided, we risk seeing many of the natural elements that make up the world around us run out or become unusable – whether because of limited supplies, their location in conflict areas, or our incapacity to fully recycle them. 

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Building a climate-neutral Europe with natural bio-based construction materials

29 January 2019, Brussels, Belgium

To debate policies and initiatives to promote the use of innovative materials to decarbonise construction the ISOBIO Horizon 2020 project partners invite policy makers, industry, civil society groups and all interested stakeholders to an event on 29 January in Brussels. The event is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. A networking drinks reception will follow the event

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DEMETER Concluding Symposium on Rare-Earth Permanent-Magnet Motors and the E-Mobility Revolution

5-7 February 2019, Leuven, Belgium

Imagine the current growth rate of (Hybrid) Electric Vehicles is maintained worldwide. There are already 4 million electric vehicles on the road and the IEA expects this number to increase to 70 million in 2025.

But which technologies will make up the future EVs? Which e-motor will dominate? And what about the critical raw materials that are needed for this electrification? These are just some of the questions that will be tackled in the DEMETER Concluding Symposium.

The Symposium features a high-quality, “beyond-science-only” programme on rare-earth permanent-magnet motors and the e-mobility revolution. The 3-day Symposium provides the floor to invited international experts from industry, academia and the European Commission, as well as the early-stage researchers from the EU MSCA-ETN DEMETER project who will present their final results (watch the DEMETER video

The Symposium includes two exciting panel discussions, which will stimulate a wider societal debate about the transition to a low-carbon mobility system, the requirement of critical metals (incl. rare earths), the Social License to Operate to mine and/or recycle critical metals, as well as the geopolitical aspects of rare earth sourcing.

The Symposium is a co-organisation of DEMETER, SIM² KU Leuven and GloREIA.

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Successful R&I in Europe 2019 - 10th European Networking Event

14-15 February 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany

For the tenth time, the conference invites researchers and entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia and regions in Europe to find new European research and innovation (R&I) partners for Horizon 2020 projects.

The series of events has been a great success with over 2600 participants since 2009. The networking event will be structured in parallel workshops focussing on seven topics:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing (NMM)
  • Energy
  • Circular Economy
  • Life Sciences
  • Transport
  • Innovative Public Procurement (PCP/PPI)

Giving a short presentation (ideas and/or results) or finding a partner by talking to decision-makers opens doors for new research and innovation projects in Europe with a focus on Horizon 2020.

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