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The Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage

15-16 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium



The Fair is a wonderful occasion to see how the EU is promoting research & innovation in cultural heritage, fostering creativity and new connections across countries. The event will build on the results of the 'Heritage and Innovation' conference and will focus on the next steps and contributions to the EU Action Plan on Cultural Heritage

We will showcase the latest innovations in cultural heritage, discussing why they are developed and how they can benefit both the society and the market. We will promote stronger ties between R&I, policies and arts. Our aim is to contribute to an open cultural heritage innovation ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

Participants will have the opportunity to join the 'Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage' and its platform to engage with innovation providers, users and investors.


Essential questions are driving the event: 

• Who are the innovators and 'change-makers' in the cultural heritage domain? 

• What do they need in order to work better? 

• How to promote an open innovation ecosystem on cultural heritage? 

• Where is innovation produced?


We will discuss with researchers, innovation providers, policy makers, representatives from cultural institutions, start-ups and incubators, business companies, creatives, pioneers from technology and economics, European institutions representatives. 


An exciting programme of plenary and breakout sessions all along the two-days, including inspirational talks, round tables, pitches from innovators, Horizon 2020 projects' clustering and a B2B corner. 

We will launch the 'Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage' and its platform. Artists will be performing during the event.

Demo area

Participants will find an exhibition showcasing around 40 breakthrough innovations developed by EU funded R&I projects in the fields of tangible, intangible and digital cultural heritage. Innovations include advanced technologies, IT products, systems and services.

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4th Science Forum: Science for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework

23-24 November 2018, Sharm el-Sheikh, Arab Republic of Egypt

This event takes place during the 14th Conference of the Parties on the Convention on Biodiversity, and will contribute to the further global process on developing the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.

Aim of this science-policy dialogue is to bring together and engage scientists and policy makers to discuss what scientists could offer to the preparation of the post-2020 agenda, on concepts for transition, the role of scenarios and pathways, as well as scale and scope of actions towards the 2050 vision, framing the post-2020 targets, and on restoration and nature-based solutions as tools to reach biodiversity targets.

What is necessary, what are the options and how to ensure action? How to operationalize transitions and transformational change for biodiversity and human wellbeing? How to open new pathways to accelerate implementation of nature-based solutions for nature, people and the economy across different sectors, and on engaging wider parts of the society?

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Climate policy and forest bioeconomy

4 December 2018, Brussels, Belgium

The European Forest Institute's autumn ThinkForest event aims to provide a better science-policy understanding of the path towards reaching the Paris Agreement, and how it is connected to future bioeconomy development.

  • How are climate targets and policies related to bioeconomy development in the future?
  • What does the recent science evidence say about the mitigation impacts of substituting wood-based products for fossil-based products?

Speakers include: Artur Runge-Metzger, Director, DG Clima Elmar Kriegler, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Christine Lang, Chair, German Bioeconomy Council

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ICSD 2019 : 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development

4-5 September 2019, Rome, Italy

ICSD2019 will be an excellent opportunity to present your projects and discuss the latest results in the field of Sustainability Science. The general aim of the conference is to promote international collaboration in Sustainability Science and related disciplines. The attendance of more than 120 delegates from 50 different countries is expected.

The Conference theme is: “Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education”. This theme emphasizes the strong foundation that is provided by using research to inform our everyday practices, policies, and research approaches.

The 2019 Conference will once again provide a forum for the sharing of ideas, presentation of research findings, and discussion of professional issues relevant to Sustainability Science

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Events earlier this year

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Europe’s Transformation: Where People Matter - Austrian Presidency Event

14-15 November 2018, Vienna, Austria

The 4th International Growth in Transition Conference: ‘Europe’s Transformation: Where People Matter’, jointly organised by the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and the Environment Agency Austria, will link up the transformative processes and power already taking effect within the particular participating institutions. The international conference is supported by 31 stakeholder organisations. The event will focus on exploring economic and societal pathways towards pro-active approaches and a vision of a society that improves the well-being of its citizens. The conference will bring together researchers, professionals, politicians, public officials, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, practitioners and other civil society groups from Austria and Europe.

Registration is available here:

2018 Biocities Forum

14 November 2018, Barcelona, Spain

The Biocities Forum will facilitate international science-policy-business dialogue on the potential of forests and circular bioeconomy solutions to build sustainable and resilient cities, including:

  • Holistic views on the future of cities and their role in leading sustainable change
  • Wood engineering products for building construction
  • Innovative architectural solutions and vertical forests
  • Mayors’ panel discussion on challenges and opportunities for future biocities

The event is organised by the European Forest Institute in collaboration with the City of Joensuu, Regional Council of North Karelia, CTFC, Diputació Barcelona and the European Commission.

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Second Arctic Science Ministerial

25-26 October 2018, Berlin, Germany.

The European Commission, Finland and Germany will co-host the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM 2) on 25-26 October 2018 in Berlin.

The aims of this 2nd ministerial meeting are to promote the results of the deliverables agreed at the 1st Arctic Science Ministerial, increase capacity to respond to major societal challenges in the Arctic, encourage further scientific cooperation among a large number of countries and representatives of indigenous peoples.

The 1st Arctic Science Ministerial, hosted by the White House in 2016, brought together science ministers from 24 governments, EU representatives and delegates from Arctic Indigenous peoples’ organisations. Their discussions centred on collective efforts to step up international scientific cooperation in the Arctic. The 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial is not an Arctic Council event. However, Finland is chairing the Arctic Council from May 2017 to May 2019. This guarantees strong links between the Ministerial and the Arctic Council. All  delegations present at the 1st Ministerial and other interested governments are invited - participation of indigenous Arctic communities is a priority.

What will be on the agenda?

On Day 1 an Arctic Science Conference will showcase the latest achievements as regards the deliverables agreed for each thematic area at the 1st Ministerial. The discussion will focus on scientific advances in the deliverables and on the commitment needed in future. It will be open to a wide range of Arctic stakeholders, policymakers and media. The first day of the conference will be followed by an evening networking reception at 7 p.m. These discussions will prepare the ground for Day 2 on which government ministers and delegates will meet to discuss the main scientific issues. The main objectives are to release a Joint Statement, issue a report on initiatives taken over the preceding 2 years and an updated list of deliverables expected to generate results over the next few years. Further details will be published in the run-up to the conference.

EBN TechCamp

22-23 October 2018, Noordwijk, Netherlands

The EBN TechCamp is the main EBN technical event where incubation and acceleration practitioners from EU|BICs all over Europe and beyond come together for mutual learning, experience exchange and enhancement of technical know-how.

The 8th EBN TechCamp is organised in partnership with ESA/ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands), on the 22-23 November 2018.

A fruitful and long-lasting cooperation with ESA/ESTEC is countinuing with a joint event of EU|BICs and ESA BICs where incubators and innovation practitioners will share and exchange best practices and incubation tools.

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