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Environment programme FP4 Environment and Climate Programme
implemented under the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998)
Environment and sustainable development Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002)

Key Actions:
"Sustainable management and quality of water", "Global change, climate and biodiversity",
"The city of tomorrow and cultural heritage", "Sustainable marine ecosystems"

Joint Actions
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Ongoing projects under the Fourth Framework Programme
Human Dimensions of environmental change and Cultural Heritage [Last update: 10.08.2000] European Land Ocean Interaction Studies (ELOISE) [Last update: 05.07.2001]
Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Initiative (TERI) [Last update: 18.03.1999] Environmental Health and Chemical Safety Research [Last update: 16.12.1998]
Water, Wetland and Aquatic Ecosystem Research [Last update: 17.12.1998] Research into stratospheric Ozone - THESEO [Last update: 24.01.2000]
Marine Science and Technology projects
on the CORDIS server
3rd & 4th Framework Programme:
Homepages on CORDIS
Environment and Climate / MAST
Comprehensive project information
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CORDIS results database
Information about the fifth framework programme is available on EUROPA and CORDIS


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