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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – Information Day Organised by DG Transport and Energy

The Directorate-General for Transport and Energy organised an Information Day on 21 September on the Fourth Call for Proposals for short- to medium-term research and demonstration actions in Sustainable Energy Systems. (…)

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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – Photovoltaic Technology Platform

The Steering Committee of the Photovoltaic Technology Platform met for the first time on 10 May 2005 in Brussels. Following a further two meetings in June and July (in Barcelona and Brussels respectively), the structure of the platform has been finalised and the members of the working groups have been selected.

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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – 20th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference

The major European conference for photovoltaics was held in Barcelona, on 6-10 June 2005. Over 2,100 people attended the event at the International Convention Centre.

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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – EU Green Week

The EU Green Week conference, from 31 May to 3 June 2005, organised by DG Environment attracted thousands of visitors to the Commission's Charlemagne Building in Brussels. It included a session on 'Renewable energy, beyond the experiments', in which the DG RTD New and Renewable Energy Sources Unit participated (...).

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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – CONMAN Improves Photovoltaic Concentrator Systems for Manufacture

The aim of the eight EU partners lead by the University of Reading in the recently finished CONMAN project was to develop a PV concentrating system with a volume production cost below €1/Wp DC, and to transfer this technology to a manufacturer.

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How to produce low-cost, high-quality crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells with an industrially applicable process? That is the problem which the METEOR team successfully tackled in their 42 months long project which ended in June 2005. The results now point the way towards up-scaling of this emerging technology.

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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – Improved Building Integration of PV using Thin-Film Modules in CIS Technology – BIPV-CIS

The aim of this project is to explore the potential of copper-indium-diselenide (CIS) solar panels in new and existing buildings.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Poland: High potential for RES

Recently, Poland has seen a considerable increase in interest in utilisation of renewable energy sources. The current share of green energy in the total energy balance in Poland is around 2.5% and is growing steadily. The process has been accelerated by actions at central government level and political support for the whole renewable energy sector.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Information day for proposers

Researchers and industry representatives interested in participating in the latest call for proposals in energy research (FP6-2004-ENERGY-3) had the opportunity to meet with fellow participants and European Commission staff at an information day in Brussels.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – PV vision report shows way ahead for technology platform

Photovoltaic (PV) technology can make a major contribution to future global sustainable energy supply. Today, use of PV is increasing, but a coherent research, development and deployment strategy is required to achieve its full potential. A vision report launched on 28 September in Brussels outlined the potential for PV in 2030 and beyond. Central to this report is the need to establish a European Technology Platform to coordinate and strengthen research activities and deployment issues for PV over the long term.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – The call for expressions of interest to participatein the PV Technology Platform

The call for expressions of interest to participatein the PV Technology Platform closed on 14 February 2005. The Commission is currently assessing the expressions of interest submitted for membership of the platform’s Steering Committee and of its various Working Groups. The intention

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Media event in Uppsala

Following a successful media briefing last March in Almeria, Spain (see RENEWS Issue 2), DG Research organised a media briefing in November 2004 on developments in renewable energy. The one-day briefing was held at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Attendees were able to enjoy a ride on a biogas-fuelled bus, and a visit to a local biomass-powered district heating plant.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – European collaboration for identification of photovoltaic research and market opportunities, socio-economic studies, performance assessment and dissemination of PV-thermal technology – PV CATAPULT

PV-CATAPULT is a Coordinated Action consisting of ten diverse work packages, centred on a common goal of accelerating the development of photovoltaic technology (including hybrid solar) towards market deployment.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Molecular Orientation, low bandgap and New Hybrid Device Concepts for the Improvement of Flexible Organic Solar Cells – MOLYCELL

The goal of the MOLYCELL is to improve the lifetime and efficiency of organic solar cells. The MOLYCELL project will focus on the development of two types of photovoltaic devices: all-organic solar cells and nanocrystal/organic hybrid solar cells.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – FULLSPECTRUM

Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute in St Petersburg, Russia, is participating actively in FULLSPECTRUM. This Integrated Project aims to make better use of the solar spectrum than conventional single-gap cells currently do.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – PV progress in Paris

The 19th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition was held in Paris from 7 to 11 June 2004. The scientific committee received a record number of abstracts from which 45 plenary presentations, with an additional 220 detailed oral presentations and over 900 poster presentations, were selected.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – CRYSTAL CLEAR for PV

“European companies will have to implement continuously the results of EC-funded photovoltaic (PV) research in order to be competitive on the world market,” says Mr. Wim Sinke, coordinator of the integrated project CRYSTAL CLEAR.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – Crystalline silicon PV: Low-cost, highly efficient and reliable modules – CRYSTAL CLEAR

The main objective of the CRYSTAL CLEAR Integrated Project is to research, develop and integrate crystalline silicon (cSi) technologies that allow PV modules to be produced at a module costs of €1/Wp in the ‘next generation’ plants while improving their environmental profile by 20%.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – A new PV wave making more efficient use of the solar spectrum – FULLSPECTRUM

The FULLSPECTRUM Integrated Project aims at further developing concepts that are already scientifically proven but not yet developed, and by trying to prove new ones in search of a breakthrough for PV technology, notably the development of:

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – High concentration PV power system – HICON-PV

HICON-PV aims to develop, set up and test a new cost-effective high concentration PV system with a concentration of 1 000. The cost goal for the proposed type of system is €1/Wp until 2015.

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1/01/2004 (Renews 1) – Renewable Energy Research Strengthened

The First Call in the priority thematic area of “Medium to Long Term RTD for Sustainable Energy Systems” attracted over 250 research proposals. Many of them were excellent and 103 (41%) managed to pass the evaluation thresholds.

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Commissioner for Research, Philippe Busquin, launched a new initiative on 4th December in Brussels, to promote Photovoltaic technology in the European Union.

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TThe Ioffe Institute in St Petersburg, where one of the first solar cells in the world was created, hosted a workshop “Efficient use of solar spectrum in photovoltaics” on 4th November 2003.

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1/01/2004 (Renews 1) – Contractors ’ Meeting

TThe 5th Framework Programme (FP5) is supporting the development of photovoltaics technology in many areas, including material science, new concepts and the next generation of PV. A recent event in Ljubljana highlighted all completed and ongoing FP5 projects, and gave ideas for the next calls.

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1/01/2004 (Renews 1) – Photovoltaic Buildings

TPhotovoltaic technology (PV) is becoming an integral part of construction vocabulary. PV modules can be installed on surfaces of buildings allowing the combination of energy production with other functions of the building envelope such as roofing or façade, solar shading or solar thermal collectors.

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