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European Photovoltaic Technology Platform

PV Technology Platform - Introduction

A Photovoltaic Technology Platform is being established to define, support and accompany the implementation of a coherent and comprehensive strategic plan for PV. The platform will mobilise all stakeholders sharing a long-term European vision for PV, helping to ensure that Europe maintains and improves its industrial position. The platform will realise a European Strategic Research Agenda for PV for the next decade(s). More specifically, the PV Technology Platform will:

  • implement a strategic plan to provide advice and expertise to the decision makers to allow them to make informed decisions regarding the long term potential of PV;
  • propose actions to all policy makers to help to ensure that clear, coherent priorities are established and that support is fully integrated, thereby facilitating implementation; 
  • foster joint initiatives involving stakeholders in the formulation of research programmes;
  • ensure strong links and co-ordination between industry, research and market.

The establishment of the PV Technology Platform was proposed in the recommendations of a special advisory council (PV-TRAC), which was set up to define a vision for the future of photovoltaics. More information on PV-TRAC and the history of the platform can be found here link 1.

PV Technology Platform - Timeplan

4 December 2003

Launch of the PV-TRAC in Brussels.

28 September 2004

Presentation of the PV-TRAC vision report, including recommendation to establish a PV Technology Platform.

23 December 2004

Call for expressions of interest opened.

14 February 2005

Call for expressions of interest closed.

11 March 2005

Meeting between the European Commission and the chair and vice-chair of the PV-TRAC to select Steering Committee members.

10 May 2005

First meeting of the Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee will finalise the structure of the platform, including the Working Groups and the role of the Secretariat.

 link 2

Steering Committee Members

In consultation with the chair and vice-chair of the PV-TRAC, the European Commission selected the following people as members of the first Steering Committee of the Photovoltaic Technology Platform:

1.Hubert AulichPV Silicon Forschungs und Produktions AG
2.François DemarcqADEME
3.Bernhard DimmlerWürth Solar GmbH & Co. KG
4.Alain GarnierSaint-Gobain Glass
5.Gert Jan JongerdenAkzo Nobel Chemicals
6.Antonio LuqueUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
7.Joachim LutherFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
8.Emiliano PerezaguaIsofotón
9.Anton MilnerQ-Cells
10.David NelsonFoster and Partners
11.Stefan NowakIEA PVPS / NET
12.Istvan PatakiHungarian Energy Office
13.Nicola PearsallNorthumbria University
14.Stanislaw M. PietruszkoWarsaw University of Technology
15.Jaromir RehakSolartec s.r.o.
16.Evelyne SchellekensEuropean Association of electrical contractors - A.I.E./CEETB
17.Giovanni SilvestriniKyoto Club
18.Wim C. SinkeEnergy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
19.Hans WillemsenShell Solar B.V.
20................................................... One member waiting for confirmation

PV Technology Platform - Provisional Structure

The following diagram illustrates the provisional structure of the PV Technology Platform, taken from the PV-TRAC report “A Vision for Photovoltaic Technology link 3” PDF icon [1 Mb]. After the Steering Committee has been selected, they will establish a finalised structure for the PV Technology Platform, and define the role of each body.


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