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Call for Expression of Interest to participate in the
European Biofuels Technology Platform

The European Biofuels Technology Platform is intended to provide and implement a common European vision and strategy for the production of biofuels, in particular for transport applications, and compatible with the present-day infrastructure. The Biofuels Technology Platform should address all issues that are relevant to the large scale implementation of biofuels in the EU transport sector while enhancing competitiveness of the EU industry worldwide. Main emphasis will be devoted to RTD and demonstration, non-technical barriers and support measures, regulation, legislation, etc.

The Biofuels Technology Platform is open to the active participation of all stakeholders. In particular, the Biofuels Technology Platform will bring together research institutions, companies, NGOs, financial entities and regulatory authorities at European Level. Participation is possible at 3 different levels:

  • As a member of the “Steering Committee”
  • As a participant in one of the “Working Groups”
  • As a participant in the “general assembly” meetings of stakeholders.

In order to initiate the process of establishing the technology platform, the European Commission is inviting expressions of interest for membership of the steering committee and working groups.

1. Expressions of interest - Steering Committee

The Commission, after consulting with the chair and vice-chair of the Biofuels Research Advisory Council (BIOFRAC), intends to propose the initial members of the Steering Committee. The members of the Steering Committee should be of recognised international standing. They should be able to advise and influence stakeholders in planning research, implementing deployment programmes, fostering partnerships and managing resources.

Members of the Steering Committee will need to be able to demonstrate a high degree of commitment to the Technology Platform so that the activities can progress dynamically.

In view of the considerable commitment expected of the members of the Steering Committee, the Commission is inviting organisations and companies to express an interest in putting forward a candidate to become a member of the Steering Committee. However, although members should initially be proposed by their organisation, they will participate in the steering group in a personal capacity, not representing their own organisation.

To propose a member of the Steering Committee, organisations and companies, are invited to send a letter of interest to the Commission. The name and details of the person that the organisation is proposing to become a member of the steering committee should also be submitted using this form link 1. Letters of interest addressed to Pablo Fernandez Ruiz (Director, Research DG) should be submitted by e-mail to the address, by the 5th of May 2006 at the latest.

2. Expressions of interest – Working Groups

Persons wishing to become actively involved in the Working Groups of the Technology Platform are invited to express their interest by completing this form link 2. Although it is not necessary to be proposed by your organisation, as a participant of the working groups you will be expected to devote sufficient time to its activities.

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