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Past Events

Meeting between Euratom and Ukraine on nuclear fission research link 1

Euratom and a high level Delegation from Ukraine met on 16 February 2010 in Brussels to discuss opportunities and ways to enhance co-operation in nuclear fission research under FP7 for nuclear research and training activities (2007-2011).

Visit our event at COP 15 link 2

Copenhagen, Denmark
15 December 2009

United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP15

Copenhagen, Denmark
7-18 December 2009

IGDTPImplementing Geological Disposal technology Platform (IGD-TP)
Launch event
12 November 2009

Second European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) Conference
Stockholm, Suede
21-22 October 2009

This conference is organised by the Swedish Energy Agency on the occasion of the Swedish Presidency and will allow the participation of 500 people.

The objective of the conference is to give momentum to the implementation of the SET-Plan. In particular the conference will seek to generate impetus for the proposed European Industrial Initiatives and for future financing plans for the SET-Plan.

Beyond a plenary session on the Commission's Communication on Financing Low Carbon Technologies (SET-Plan), there will be parallel workshops on each of the identified seven strategic energy technology areas for the European Industrial Initiatives (EII), i.e. Wind, Bioenergy, Smart Grids, Solar Energy (Photovoltaic (PV) & Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)), Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS); Nuclear Fission, Energy Efficiency (Smart Cities).

EESC energy efficiency days
Brussels, Belgium
22-25 September 2009

Demonstrations of smart electricity distribution network solutions
Brussels, Belgium
25 September 2009

FP7 Energy Research Information Day – 2010 Calls
Brussels, Belgium
14 September 2009

All relevant calls (energy calls, energy topics of the ocean and PPP calls, FCH JU call) will be presented and detailed information on the participation rules provided during this Information Day.

FISA 2009FISA 2009
Seventh European Commission conference on Euratom research and training in reactor systems
Prague, Czech Republic
22-24 June 2009


Research connections
Prague, Czech Republic
7 - 8 May 2009

ICT Energy Research Information Day
Brussels, Belgium
20 January 2009

High Level Expert Group on European Low Dose Risk Research (HLEG)
8 September to 30 November 2008

SNETP logoThe Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform
First general assembly
26 November 2008

The first general assembly of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform will take place in Brussels, in the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission, on 26 November 2008.

Towards a low-carbon energy
28 October 2008

Conference from the French Presidency of the EU

Euradwaste '08
"Community Policy & Research and Training Initiatives"
Seventh European Commission Conference on the Management and Disposal of Radioactive Waste

20-23 October 2008

FP7 Energy Research Information Days
24 and 25 September 2008

Four new calls for proposals for Energy under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development are scheduled to be published on 3 September 2008.

The European Commission's Directorates-General for Energy and Transport, and for Research are holding Information Days in order to support the preparation of proposals

Biorefinery Joint Call
16 September 2008

This information day is organised by the Directorates-General for Research, and for Energy and Transport .

10th World Renewable Energy Congress and Exhibition

22-23 July 2008
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This workshop aimed at better defining the needs of emerging and developing countries and the required EU support in the global context of climate change, energy security and poverty.

Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2008
18-22 July 2008

Supported by the European Commission, Commissioner for Science and Research Mr Janez Potočnik has announced he will attend the ESOF 2008 opening ceremony on Friday 18 July.

The impact of high oil prices in Europe
Final HOP conference

Brussels, 5 june 2008
Centre Borschette - Room AB0D
Rue Froissart 36

Organised by the project coordinator TRT – Trasporti e Territorio

Additional information and preliminary results

Further information ( 25 KB)

Nuclear Engineering Science and Technology – education and training (NESTet 2008) conference
Budapest, Hungary
4-9 May 2008

Organised by the European Nuclear Society

Common FP7 Energy Research Information Day and Energy NCP meeting

19th December 2007
Charlemagne Building room S3 Alcide de Gaspari
Rue de la Loi 170
1049 Brussels

European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Review Days

10-11 October 2007

As in previous editions, this event is organised by the European Commission with support from the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform Secretariat (HFP). Its main objectives are:

  • To offer a forum to promote information exchange between EU-funded projects and disseminate results.
  • To review the main achievements of the FP6 projects' portfolio in the different technical research areas and provide orientations for future actions.
  • To inform stakeholders about the EU state of play in the area.

Further Information

Workshop on regional development and hydrogen projects by Roads2HyCom
(in conjunction with European Week of Regions and Cities)

9 October 2007

This workshop Roads2HyCom targets region and community leaders who would like to gain deeper insight into the viability of hydrogen demonstration projects and their value in regional development.

For more information and registration please follow the link below.

Launch Conference of the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Nuclear Energy (SNE-TP)

Brussels, Belgium
21 September 2007

European Nuclear Conference 2007 (ENC 2007)

Brussels, Belgium
16-20 September 2007

Organised by the European Nuclear Society
Information and registration:

Information and Brokerage Day - FP7 Call for proposals on Photovoltaics, Concentrated Solar Power and Low/Medium Temperature Solar Thermal Energy
29 March 2007

FP7 INFORMATION DAYS for Energy and Transport
Brussels (Belgium)
13 and 14 February 2007

The Directorates General for Research and for Energy and Transport of the European Commission are holding Joint Information Days

Download the presentations

Enhancing opportunities for participation in European energy research - Information & brokerage days

The opening of the first call for proposals for the Energy Theme of the Cooperation Specific Programme is planned for 22 December 2006. In addition to several general events, the Energy Directorate of the Research Directorate General of the European Commission is organising the following technical information and brokerage days:

    Prague, 1 February 2007
    Krakow, 9th February 2007 (Organised by the EC's Directorate-General for Research in collaboration with the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport)
    Tallinn, 27-28 February 2007 (Organised by the Estonia Programme Committee, University of Tallinn and the EC's Directorate General for Research and Directorate-General for Energy and Transport)
    Vienna, 28 February 2007 (Organised by the EC's Directorate-General for Research in collaboration with the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport)
    28 February Dublin & optional site visit on 1 March 2007 Galway (Ireland). Organised by Sustainable Energy Ireland, the National Contact Point for Ireland, , the EC's Dublin Representation Office and the EC's Directorate-General for Research and Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
    Ljubljana, 7 March 2007 (Organised by Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Slovenian Ministry of Economy and the EC's Directorate General for Research)

The main objectives of these European energy research events are:

  • To help applicants maximise their chances of success
  • To inform about the content of the Work Programme and the first call for proposals, to clarify doubts about the scope and content of the published topics, to explain available funding schemes and to present the evaluation criteria and process.
  • To encourage potential applicants to present and discuss the objectives, scope and structure of planned proposals.
  • To identify possible interactions, overlaps and/or synergies, to help partners from new Member States, SME's, etc., to join project consortia under formation.

Further information will be soon available on this website and on CORDIS.

Ocean Energy EC contractors’ meeting
Bremerhaven (D)
25 October 2006

The European Commission’s Research Directorate General is organising a one-day Ocean Energy EC contractors’ meeting on 25 October 2006 in connection with the International Conference on Ocean Energy.

The event is open to all and will bring together EC-funded projects on ocean energy with other stakeholders, including those from offshore wind energy and small hydropower. The aim is to disseminate information on current RTD activities, evaluate industry needs and identify challenges and opportunities for the development of ocean energy related science and technologies. The Seventh Framework Programme for research will also be presented.

Participation is free although prior registration is required – registration deadline 24.10 at 18h00. For registration and more information, including the programme of the day, please refer to the events web site .

For additional queries please contact the responsible scientific officer, at

>> Proceedings

16-21 October 2006 – Chengdu, China
21th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

Recognizing the prominent role that nuclear energy plays in the world , and based on the expectation that nuclear fusion will be able to provide an abundant source of energy, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supports the exchange of scientific and technical information on fusion research through conferences, meetings and projects. The 21st IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2006) provides a forum for presenting and discussing the progress that is being made in fusion experiments, theory and technological developments. It is expected that t he progress in the establishment of ITER since the last Fusion Energy Conference will put more emphasis on the physics and technology R&D aspects in the realization of fusion as a clean and lasting energy source.

>> Further information

19-20 October 2006 - Helsinki, Finland
European Conference on Biorefinery Research

This conference organised by the European Commission with support of the Finnish Presidency aims to present the industrial perspectives of current and future biorefineries and to identify opportunities for and synergies among the European stakeholders. The conference will provide a forum for a technical review of the state of the art for biomass fractionation and conversion technologies. Furthermore, RTD success stories will be described and analysed, and the existing European technology platforms on biofuels, forest-based sector, plants for the future and white biotechnology will be presented.

The conference is designed to attract high-level representatives from the spheres of research, science and technology, industry and policy making from all over Europe. This event should be of special value for those interested in biorefinery research in the Seventh Framework Programme.

>> Further information


Sustainable Energy Systems

11-12 October 2006 – Brussels
3rd International Gas Turbine Conference in Brussels

The Conference will present future requirements, research policies and programmes for gas turbines in the EU, Japan and the US. It will also address the crucial research and development activities for gas turbines from an operational and an environmental viewpoint.

>> Further information

6-7 September 2006 – Brussels
Workshop Hydrocarbon Prospects and Energy Futures

DG RTD of the European Commission, specifically its Directorate for Energy Research, organised a one and an half day workshop with around 100 participants on the impact of future oil and gas perspectives on research agendas

>> Further information

8 June 2006 – Brussels, Belgium
Launching Conference of the European Technology Platform for Biofuels


The Commission takes an ambitious and co-ordinated approach to promote the use of biomass and biofuels. The approach includes a Biomass Action Plan, an EU strategy for Biofuels, and the support to the establishment of a European Biofuels Technology Platform.

The European Biofuels Technology Platform is a focused initiative in the frame of research on renewable energy sources. It aims to develop cost-competitive, world class biofuel technology, contribute to the creation of a European biofuels industry and accelerate the deployment of biofuels.

To prepare the Technology Platform, a high-level Advisory Council has been established. The Biofuels Research Advisory Council (BIOFRAC) has delivered its draft Vision report “Biofuels in the European Union - A Vision for 2030 and beyond”. This report outlines the current situation of biofuels and presents a long-term view on how to overcome the technical and non-technical barriers for biofuel deployment in the European Union and worldwide.

The aim of this conference, organised by the European Commission with the support of the Biofuels Research Advisory Council (BIOFRAC), is to present the major conclusions outlined in the BIOFRAC’s vision report “Biofuels in the European Union – a vision for 2030 and beyond”, and to officially launch the European Biofuels Technology Platform.


6-7 April 2006 – Brussels, Belgium
European Technology Platform “SmartGrids”
Electricity Networks of the Future
Launching event & First General Assembly

This conference, organised by the European Commission, aims to present the Technology Platform’s Electricity Networks of the Future Vision and the first version of the Strategic Research Agenda, discuss it with a wide audience, and seek to validate and achieve consensus on its recommendations. Furthermore, the event will help the Technology Platform to monitor its own progress and define the work plan for the next period. Finally, the conference will facilitate the dissemination of results of running projects, the alignment of on-going activities with the Technology Platform objectives and the exchange of ideas for new public-private initiatives.

The conference is designed to attract high-level participants from the spheres of research, science and technology, industry and policy-making from all over Europe. Therefore, this event is of special value for those interested in defining the way forward for the area ‘Smart Electricity Networks’ in the Seventh Framework Programme.

>> Further information

21-22 November 2005 – Brussels, Belgium
Renewable Energy for Europe – Research in Action

This conference, organised by the European Commission, aimed to present the important role that renewable energy research plays in Europe, and to enhance awareness among stakeholders of the opportunities ahead. Key European success stories were analysed, and the existing and planned European renewable energy technology platforms on PV, biofuels, and wind were presented.

The conference was designed to attract high-level participants from the spheres of research, science and technology, industry and policy-making from all over Europe. Furthermore, this event was of special value for those interested in defining the way forward for renewable energies in the Seventh Framework Programme.

>> Proceedings

13-15 April 2005 – Brussels, Belgium
European CO2 Capture and Storage Conference – Towards Zero Emission Power Plants

The event is an opportunity to discuss and help develop a common and coherent European strategy for RTD in the field of CO2 capture. The idea is to communicate this subject to a wider audience, enhance the international dimension of EU activities and to help disseminate project results and promote networking among those taking part.
The conference is designed to appeal to delegates involved in policy-making, civil society, research, industry and other stakeholders. Many participants will be connected to European FP5 and FP6 research projects, as well as international delegates from developed and emerging economies, primarily member countries of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum.

>> Full Programme and presentations

17-18 March 2005 – Brussels, Belgium
European hydrogen and fuel cell technology platform (HFP) - Annual Event 2005

The aim of this conference, organised by the HFP Secretariat, is to inform stakeholders and policy-makers – at both EU and national levels – about the Strategic Research Agenda. It will also review HFP, the status of the hydrogen debate and integrate results of ongoing projects into the platform strategy.

>> Further information

25 February 2005 – Brussels, Belgium
Workshop on Regulations, Codes and Standards for H2/FC Technologies


  • To inform stakeholders about ongoing EU (and other international activities) in the area of Regulations, Codes and Standards for H2/Fuel Cell Technologies
  • To assimilate progress with respect to preliminary ‘Gap Analysis’ (and ‘Action Plan’) for Regulations, Codes and Standards as developed in the framework of the Technology Platform Initiative Group (IG-RCS)
  • To gather recommendations in view of identifying topics for future pre-normative RTD

>> Further Information

1-3 December 2004 –Brussels
First International Conference on the Integration of renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Energy Resources

Organised by the 6FP-Cluster IRED and the EU-DEEP Project under the guidance and support of the European Commission, Directorate General for Research.

The conference will be held in Brussels.

>> Further Information

4-5 November 2004 - Beijing, China
EU-China workshop on liquid biofuels

The Energy Directorate of DG Research together with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology have organised a workshop on liquid biofuels at the Beijing Capital Xindadu Hotel, on 4-5 November 2004. The event aimed at identifying scientific and technical challenges in this field and enhancing RTD cooperation opportunities between EU and China.

>> Presentations made during the event and list of participants are available to download here.

19 October 2004 – Brussels, Belgium
Information day on medium to long term research in the areas of “Renewable energy technologies” and “Socio-economic tools for energy”.

The Energy Directorate of DG Research has organised an Information Day in the Sheraton Brussels Airport Conference Centre, on 19 October 2004 covering the areas of "Renewable energy technologies" and "Socio-economic tools for energy".

Presentations made during the information day are available to download here

Energy Research Infoday Helpdesk:

See archived events


Fusion Energy

11-15 September 2006 – Warsaw, Poland
24th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT)

The objective of the Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT) is to exchange information on design, construction and operation of fusion experiments and on the technology for present fusion machines, the next step and power plants. It includes oral and poster presentations as well as an industrial and R&D exhibition. The ITER project will be a significant theme of the symposium.

>> Further information

27 June 2005 – Tarragona, Spain
32nd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics

This conference continues the series of European Physical Society (EPS) conferences on plasma physics, encompassing the fields of fusion research, laser-plasma interaction and inertial confinement fusion, as well as dusty and low temperature plasmas.

>> Further Information

1-6 November 2004 – Vilamoura, Portugal
20th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

>> Further Information: 

24-29 October 2004 – Nice, France
12th International Congress on Plasma Physics

Both theoretical and experimental results will be presented and discussed. The official congress language is English.

The scientific programme includes invited papers (plenary and review), as well as oral and poster presentation of contributed papers.

>> Further Information


Fission Energy and Radiation Protection Research

13-16 March 2006 – Luxembourg
FISA 2006
Conference on EU research and training in reactor systems

Organised by the Research DG this nuclear fission and radiation protection conference will address a wide audience of nuclear scientists, industry representatives and decision makers. As well as sharing preliminary results from Euratom FP6 projects, the conference will also look forward to FP7 and the opportunities for research and training. Other topics to be addressed include political, economic, scientific and technical issues of interest to the nuclear fission and radiation protection community. Post-conference workshops will cover nuclear fission research in specific domains as well as future network initiatives and collaborative projects.

>> Further information

29-31 March 2004 - Luxembourg
EURADWASTE ’04: Results and perspectives

The Sixth European Commission (EC) Conference on ‘The management and disposal of radioactive waste: Euradwaste ’04’, was held on 29-31 March 2004 in Luxembourg.

The main objectives of the conference were:

  • to present EC policy in waste management, in particular the proposed ‘Directive on the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste’;
  • to highlight the main results of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) for ‘Nuclear energy within the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5); and
  • to present examples of networked research activities under FP5 and discuss further research integration through innovative instruments offered FP6

The summaries were written by an independent journalist and were based on presentations, interviews and discussions at the conference:

10-13 November 2003 – Luxembourg
EU research in reactor safety : FISA 2003

Since the late 1970’s regulatory authorities and electricity utilities have embarked on a wide-ranging review of nuclear plant performance and safety requirements. With a cumulative global experience of around 10 000 reactor-years operators have learned much about improving safety.
On 10 November Europe's nuclear safety community will gather in Luxembourg for the fifth biennial FISA conference. The European Union has played a major role in the international safety improvement effort and the conference will present the conclusion of the projects funded in the area of ‘operational safety of existing installations’ – one of the key actions of the Fifth Euratom Framework Programme (FP5). The conference will focus on the application of phenomenological research to plant life management and accident mitigation techniques for present and future reactor technologies.

FISA 2003 will also be the first opportunity for the Commission to access the wider European nuclear safety research community since the launch of FP6 and assess the reaction of all parties to the aims and instruments of the new Euratom programme. Plenary lecture will be delivered by about the FP-6 proposals selected for negotiation.

The event will also give the opportunity to hear about new avenues for research and for networking activities aimed at strengthening cooperation within the international reactor safety research community.

>> Further information on FISA 2003 including detailed Programme for the event can be found here.

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