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 Energy research

EU and Energy Research

The European Union (EU) is committed to realising a European Research Area (ERA) in the field of energy research.
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These pages provide a brief overview of why the EU supports energy research and how the European Commission (EC) develops and manages the energy research programmes.

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Energy from the sun
Why energy is important for society link 2 : Energy is fundamental to the quality of our lives; we are totally dependent on energy for living and working.
Why we need Energy Research link 3: We could not move towards sustainable development without research and technological development (RTD) in the energy field.
Why the EU supports Energy Research link 4: Energy RTD is an essential element in the social and economic structure of industrialised countries.

What is the EU's Energy Research policy? link 5: The strategic goal of EU energy research is to develop sustainable energy systems and services for Europe.

What is the European Research Area? link 6: The challenge of overcoming the present fragmentation of Europe’s research efforts has been taken up. Progress towards a European Research Area has become the reference point for research policy issues in Europe.
General interesting links link 7: A selection of interesting links in the area of energy research that you may find useful.
Events and features link 8: Information on events linked to EU energy research and other featured items.

Publications link 9: A selection of publications about energy research produced by the European Commission.

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