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The EURATOM Fusion Programme and Associations

The EU Member States, Switzerland and other countries which have associated to the EURATOM Framework Programmes participate in the European fusion programme. The principle tool used to implement this participation is the ‘Contract of Association’ between EURATOM and the Member States (or an organisation within a State) to create a ‘EURATOM Association’. These contracts are the mechanism by which EURATOM provides general financial support. They also allow EURATOM to co-ordinate the work of all the Association laboratories. This structure of EURATOM Associations has resulted in fusion research being fully integrated at the European level. This not only ensures that the research activities in the various Member States are co-ordinated and complementary, but also makes it possible to undertake projects that would be of too large a scale for any individual member.

The EURATOM-Fusion Associations

Countries participating in the European Fusion Programme