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Fission and radiation protection

1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – Information Day Organised by DG Transport and Energy

The Directorate-General for Transport and Energy organised an Information Day on 21 September on the Fourth Call for Proposals for short- to medium-term research and demonstration actions in Sustainable Energy Systems. (…)

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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – Prioritising Wind Energy Research: Strategic Research Agenda of the Wind Energy Sector

The recently-ended FP5 Thematic Network contract ENK6-CT-2001-20401 on Wind Energy brought together eight partners along with about two hundred other members of the European Wind Energy Association, which coordinated the project. One of the main outcomes of the Network was the joint development of

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Poland: High potential for RES

Recently, Poland has seen a considerable increase in interest in utilisation of renewable energy sources. The current share of green energy in the total energy balance in Poland is around 2.5% and is growing steadily. The process has been accelerated by actions at central government level and political support for the whole renewable energy sector.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Information day for proposers

Researchers and industry representatives interested in participating in the latest call for proposals in energy research (FP6-2004-ENERGY-3) had the opportunity to meet with fellow participants and European Commission staff at an information day in Brussels.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – European Wind Energy Conference in London

The 2004 European Wind Energy Conference took part in London between 22 and 25 November. The maturity of the sector was apparent from the impressive 4 000 people attending and almost 250 companies in the exhibition.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – RTD strategy plan for wind energy

A coordinated industry-wide Research and Development Strategy on wind energy was officially launched by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in Brussels on 27 January 2004. Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin stressed that this RTD strategy will be an important reference in order to maintain Europe’s technological and industrial leadership in the future and is also a valuable contribution for creating a European Research Area with more coherent research activities on the European scale.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – Hungary: ready for green energy

In 2003, renewables had a 3.6% share of Hungary’s total primary energy supply, but the share of renewables in electrical power supply was only 0.5%. Hungary aims to achieve 5% of total primary energy and 3.6% of the power supply from renewables by 2010. Currently, investment in renewable energy technology is small – the concept of environmental protection is fairly new and research funding in general is low: Hungary spent only 1% of its GDP on RTD in 2003.

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1/01/2004 (Renews 1) – The Wemsar Project

The more the wind blows, the more the sea is waving – this is the principle behind the new satellite-based wind measurement tool developed by participants of the WEMSAR (Wind Energy Mapping using Synthetic Aperture Radar) project. The technique will assist with wind turbine siting.

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