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Wind Projects in FP6

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R&D Activities receiving support from the European Commission can be divided into short to medium-term and medium to long-term, and are managed by DG TREN and DG RTD respectively. The following medium-to-long term wind projects are currently ongoing in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6):

Medium-long term POW'WOWCA



Full Title:Prediction Of Waves, Wakes and Offshore Wind
Coordinator:Dr. Gregor Giebel
Wind Energy Dept
Risoe National Laboratory
DK-4000 Roskilde
Phone: +45 4677 5095
Fax: +45 4677 5970
EC contribution:1 M€
Starting date:01/10/2005
Duration :36 months

Currently, a good number of research projects are underway on the European and national level in the fields of short-term forecasting of wind power, offshore wind and wave resource prediction, and offshore wakes in large wind farms. The purpose of the POW’WOW project is to co-ordinate the activities in these related fields, to spread the knowledge gained from these projects among the partners and colleagues, and to start the work on some roadmaps for the future. Therefore, the leaders of research projects are assuming the function of a multiplier towards the larger research and user community. Additionally, in the fields of short-term forecasting and offshore energy resource, Expert Groups will be formed to act as the central focus point for external stakeholders. The liaison with other groups will also include groups outside of Europe.


Full Title:Integrated Wind turbine Design
Coordinator:Peter Hjuler Jensen
RISØ National laboratory 
Building 118
Frederiksborgvej 399
P.O.Box 49 - DK-4000 Roskilde
Phone: +45 46 77 50 37
Mobil: +45 40 45 50 37
Fax: +45 46775960
EC contribution:14,3 M€
Starting date:01/03/2006
Duration :60 months

UpWind looks towards wind power tomorrow; towards the design of very large turbines (8-10MW) standing in wind farms of several hundred MW, both on- and offshore. UpWind will develop the accurate, verified tools and component concepts the industry needs to design and manufacture this new breed of turbine. UpWind will focus on design tools for the complete range of turbine components. It will address the aerodynamic, aero-elastic, structural and material design of rotors. Critical analysis of drive train components will be carried out in the search for breakthrough solutions.