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Overview of current programme activities

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windmills courtesy of ESN
The European Commission’s 5th Framework Programme for R&D does fund demonstration projects (short to medium term impact) and research projects with medium to long term impact on the market.

The 20 funded research projects can be divided into the following categories:

  • Wind turbines
  • Blades and rotors
  • Wind resources forecasting and mapping
  • Wind farm development and management
  • Integration of wind power

The new 6th Framework Programme has launched its first call for proposals and will select first projects to be funded in the course of 2003.
Here is the list of presently funded projects including a general justification for the funding of the specific project(s):

A – Turbines

windmills in fields, courtesy of ESN
A1. R&D of a 5 MW Wind Turbine
Reference: ENK5-CT-2000-00300 Project Acronym: 5 MW WIND TURBINE
Larger wind turbines offer economies of scale and make better use of good sites.

A2. Development of a MW scale wind turbine for high wind complex terrain sites
Reference: ENK5-CT-2000-00328 Project Acronym: MEGAWIND
On complex terrain with high wind speeds, turbines must be easy to transport and to install and they must be able to endure higher mechanical loads. Use of such sites increases the potential for use of the wind resource.

A3. Recommendations for design of offshore wind turbines
Reference: ENK5-CT-2000-00322 Project Acronym: RECOFF
Experience from first offshore installations is used to define norms and standards for this type of wind turbines. This will decrease the technical and financial risk of future installations.

#Contract ReferenceProject AcronymTotal BudgetEC Contrib.Duration (months)
A1ENK5-CT-2000-003005 MW Wind Turbine3 521 3111 760 65636
A2ENK5-CT-2000-00328MEGAWIND3 536 0651 999 70436
A3ENK5-CT-2000-00322RECOFF1 596 446798 22336

B – Blades and rotors

windmills, courtesy of ESN
The blades are the most critical components of wind turbines:
  • the aerodynamic properties of the blades can still be improved using experimental data from operating wind turbines and from wind tunnel measurements or e.g. by knowledge transferred from aeronautics; this does lead to more efficiency and to less noise;
  • the dynamic behaviour of blades can be improved with new materials and their skilful combination, especially in view of reducing overall weight;
  • the hub, too, can become less heavy and more resistant to dynamic loads with the use of new materials.

B1. Wind turbine rotor blades for enhanced aeroelastic stability and fatigue life using passively damped composites
Reference: ENK6-CT-2000-00320 Project Acronym: DAMPBLADE

B2. Wind Turbine Blade Aerodynamics And Aeroelastics: Closing Knowledge Gaps "KNOW-BLADE"
Reference: ENK6-CT-2001-00503 Project Acronym: KNOW-BLADE

B3. Model rotor experiments under controlled conditions
Reference: ENK5-CT-2000-00309 Project Acronym: MEXICO

B4. Reliable Optimal Use of Materials for Wind Turbine Rotor Blades
Reference: ENK6-CT-2001-00552 Project Acronym: OPTIMAT BLADES

B5. Silent rotors by acoustic optimisation
Reference: ENK5-CT-2002-00702 Project Acronym: SIROCCO

B6. Aerolastic stability and control of large wind turbines
Reference: ENK5-CT-2002-00627 Project Acronym: STABCON

# Contract ReferenceProject AcronymTotal BudgetEC Contrib.Duration (months)
B1ENK6-CT-2000-00320DAMPBLADE1 990 0561 138 82236
B2ENK6-CT-2001-00503KNOW-BLADE1 534 453999 92336
B3ENK5-CT-2000-00309MEXICO2 340 7741 500 00036
B4ENK6-CT-2001-00552OPTIMAT BLADES4 403 1402 399 08854
B5ENK5-CT-2002-00702SIROCCO3 749 1011 700 00036
B6ENK5-CT-2002-00627STABCON3 613 7831 900 00048
B7ERK6-CT-1999-00008COMHUB1 389 096785 48936

C – Wind resources forecasting and mapping

Better knowledge of wind resources significantly reduces the cost of wind energy production by:

  • selection of the most appropriate sites with high wind and more steady conditions,
  • better forecasting of power production (increasing reliability of supply)
  • preventive action to protect wind turbines from excessive wind loads

C1. Development of a next generation wind resource forecasting system for the large-scale integration of onshore and offshore wind farms
Reference: ENK5-CT-2002-00665 Project Acronym: ANEMOS 64848

C2. A high resolution numerical wind energy model for on- and offshore forecasting using ensemble predictions
ENK5-CT-2002-00606 Project Acronym: HONEYMOON 67930

C3. Wind energy mapping using synthetic aperture radar
Reference: ERK6-CT-1999-00017 Project Acronym: WEMSAR

D – Wind farms

Wind farms, i.e. groups of wind turbines installed at given sites, offer economies of scale and make better use of the sites. The funded projects aim to improve the management, monitoring and surveillance of such wind farms and to provide recommendations how best to set up such wind farms.

D1. Advanced management and surveillance of wind farms
ERK6-CT-1999-00006 Project Acronym: CLEVERFARM 51595
D2. Efficient development of offshore windfarms
ERK6-CT-1999-00001 Project Acronym: ENDOW
D3. Condition Monitoring For Offshore Wind Farms
ENK5-CT-2002-00659 Project Acronym: CONMOW

#Contract ReferenceProject AcronymTotal BudgetEC Contrib.Duration (months)
D1ERK6-CT-1999-00006CLEVERFARM833 503498 00036
D2ERK6-CT-1999-00001ENDOW1 204 000697 90236
D3ENK5-CT-2002-00659CONMOW1 977 9151 070 18948

E – Integration of wind power

Wind is a source of electric power, which varies in time and is produced in a decentralised way (even if modern offshore wind parks will soon have generation capacities comparable to conventional power plants). This creates special problems, especially if wind is to provide a high share of overall electric power supply. These problems can be solved or at least alleviated by dedicated research efforts on the integration of wind power into the local and/or (inter-) national grid.

E1. Wind Energy Network
Reference: ENK6-CT-2001-20401 Project Acronym: WIND ENGY. NETWORK

E2. Towards high penetration and firm power from wind energy
ERK5-CT-1999-00016 Project Acronym: FIRMWIND 51590

E3. More advanced control advice for secure operation of isolated power systems with increased renewable energy penetration and storage
ERK5-CT-1999-00019 Project Acronym: MORE CARE 51199

E4. Wind power integration in a liberalised electricity market
ENK5-CT-2002-00663 Project Acronym: WILMAR 51199

# Contract ReferenceProject AcronymTotal BudgetEC Contrib.Duration (months)
E1ENK6-CT-2001-20401W. E. NETWORK653 421400 00042
E2ERK5-CT-1999-00016FIRMWIND876 208463 04036
E3ERK5-CT-1999-00019MORE CARE1 515 841900 00036
E4ENK5-CT-2002-00663WILMAR3 214 6821 400 00036
 20 projects in total: 45 714 94224 398 848