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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

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Fission and radiation protection

1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – Information Day Organised by DG Transport and Energy

The Directorate-General for Transport and Energy organised an Information Day on 21 September on the Fourth Call for Proposals for short- to medium-term research and demonstration actions in Sustainable Energy Systems. (…)

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – Hungary: ready for green energy

In 2003, renewables had a 3.6% share of Hungary’s total primary energy supply, but the share of renewables in electrical power supply was only 0.5%. Hungary aims to achieve 5% of total primary energy and 3.6% of the power supply from renewables by 2010. Currently, investment in renewable energy technology is small – the concept of environmental protection is fairly new and research funding in general is low: Hungary spent only 1% of its GDP on RTD in 2003.

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