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Fission and radiation protection

Hydrogen Projects funded under the 5th Framework Programme (FP5)

Projects from the previous FP5 (1999-2002) are well advanced, with many entering the critical phase of exploiting and disseminating their results. In total, 25 projects were funded under the FP5 in the field of hydrogen.

Projects under the 6th Framework Programme (FP6)

Cover European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell projects

Currently 100 M€ of EU funding, matched by an equivalent amount of public and private investment, is being awarded to research and demonstration projects for hydrogen and fuel cells in the FP6. The Commission has published a compilation of synopses for projects funded in the first half of the Sixth Framework Programme, mainly, but not exclusively, under the Thematic Priority 6 "Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems".

This will be reinforced via further calls for RTD and demonstration proposals worth an expected public and private investment of the order of 300 M€, of which about half would be funded by the EU.

>> Download the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell projects PDF icon [896 Kb]
>> More information on the Framework Programmes, including the calls for proposals in: