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How to participate in the HFP technology platform

Fission and radiation protection

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The HFP TP will have an open and accessible structure allowing the participation of all active stakeholders. Participation can be on a number of different levels:

  • As a member of the “advisory council”;
  • As a participant in one of the “steering panels” or “initiative groups”;
  • As a participant in a project or initiative that forms part of the “platform operations”;
  • As a participant in the annual “general assembly” meetings of stakeholders.

Involvement in the TP requires a level of commitment appropriate to the level of participation, so as to ensure that initiatives are taken forward in an active and dynamic manner.

The initial Advisory Council has now been appointed and the various working groups are being established on the basis of the expressions of interest received in response to the open invitation previously published on this page. However, there will still be many opportunities to participate in the activities of the technology platform and to provide input to the various deliverables that it is charged with producing, such as the Strategic Research Agenda and Deployment Strategy.
To follow the activities of the technology platform and the advisory council, please refer to the Technology Platform Document Library (Circa). Draft documents for consultation will also be posted on that site.
If you still wish to express an interest in being involved in the work of the steering panels and initiative groups of the technology platform or participating in the platform operations, please download and complete one of the forms below and return it to the Commission at the e-mail address:

Steering Panels & Initiative Groups (MS Word doc)
Platform operations (MS Word doc)

More information on this subject: