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Fission and radiation protection

1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – Information Day Organised by DG Transport and Energy

The Directorate-General for Transport and Energy organised an Information Day on 21 September on the Fourth Call for Proposals for short- to medium-term research and demonstration actions in Sustainable Energy Systems. (…)

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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – World Geothermal Congress 2005

The World Geothermal Congress was held in Antalya, Turkey, on 24-29 April 2005. The event was attended by around 1,350 people from over 80 countries. (…)

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Information day for proposers

Researchers and industry representatives interested in participating in the latest call for proposals in energy research (FP6-2004-ENERGY-3) had the opportunity to meet with fellow participants and European Commission staff at an information day in Brussels.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Poland: High potential for RES

Recently, Poland has seen a considerable increase in interest in utilisation of renewable energy sources. The current share of green energy in the total energy balance in Poland is around 2.5% and is growing steadily. The process has been accelerated by actions at central government level and political support for the whole renewable energy sector.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – Almeria gives RES a media boost

Some 40 journalists were given an intensive briefing on renewable energy systems utilising solar, wave and geothermal sources at the Almeria Solar platform in Spain in March.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – European geothermal project for the construction of a scientific pilot plant based on an Enhanced Geothermal System – EGS PILOT PLANT EGS

Pilot Plant aims to install and operate a 1.5 MWe geothermal power plant, enabling the deep reservoir/heat exchanger created during the period 2001-2003 to be operated, evaluated and improved (if required) under realistic conditions.

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1/01/2004 (Renews 1) – Hot Dry Rock

Not all energy on Earth comes from the Sun; our planet also has its own internal energy source. There are hot rock formations deep under ground and the technology to exploit them is already available. “Hot Dry Rock” (HDR) technologies could supply a significant part of Europe’s electricity and heat demand.

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