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Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future

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During the first international conference on the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Energy Resources held in December 2004 (, industrial stakeholders and the research community suggested the creation of a Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future.

The European Commission Directorate General for Research has developed the initial concept and guiding principles of the Technology Platform with the support of an existing FP5+6 research cluster (IRED, Integration of Renewable Energies and Distributed Generation, see, which represents over 100 stakeholders in the electricity networks sector.

An Open Call for Expressions of Interest was published in March 2005 in order to set up the first Advisory Council of the Platform. The statistics of the results of the Call are available in the attached document PDF icon [166 Kb].

An Open Call for Expressions of Interest was published towards the end of 2005 in order to set up the following four Working Groups WG1 – Network Assets, WG2 – Network Operations, WG3 – Demand and Metering and WG4 – Generation and Storage.

The statistics of the results of the Call are available in the attached document PDF icon [167 Kb].

Objectives and Structure

The main elements of the outline concept and tentative structure of the Platform are:

  • Scope. The initial scope of the Platform aims at increasing the efficiency, safety and reliability of European electricity transmission and distribution systems and removing obstacles to the large-scale integration of distributed and renewable energy sources, in line with the proposed priority for “Smart Energy Networks” in FP7.
  • Structure. The Platform should be open and accessible, allowing the participation of all active stakeholders. The structure should reflect the diverse and complementary activities which will be undertaken by the Platform, and be such as to ensure that initiatives are taken forward in an active and dynamic manner.

The Technology Platform is steered and monitored by an Advisory Council (AC) PDF icon [88 Kb], nominated in May 2005, which provides guidance on the definition, initiation and putting in place of the structure, procedures and work programme. The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the AC were elected in June 2005 and the Advisory Council decided to set up an Executive Group PDF icon [69 Kb] which proposes to the AC the initiatives to lead the Platform in its initial steps.

Progress of Work and Further Steps

Further steps to be taken are:

Relevant EC publications, namely “European Distributed Energy Resources Projects” and “New ERA for Electricity in Europe”, can be found on the following web page:

Advisory Council Meetings

Mirror Group Meetings