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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

R&D Topics

Fission and radiation protection

Overview of current programme activities

200kWth solar receiver
The main areas of CSP research currently funded by the EU are as follows:
  • Cost and performance improvement of parabolic trough collectors.
  • Development of solar receivers for central tower systems.
  • Development of solar-hybrid power systems.
  • Development of solar receiver reactors for energy carrier production.
  • Cost reduction of other new and innovative components and

Between June 1999 and December 2001 six research projects were awarded for a total cost of €19,512,439. The European Commission’s contribution was €9,292,931.

Technology sub-areas researched

EuroDish in operation
What happens in each of the technology sub-sectors?

Parabolic trough

  • Direct steam generation has been validated under a 4th Framework Programme project. Further research objectives are the development of components able to operate at higher temperatures in order to increase the steam cycle thermal efficiency and reliability. The result will reduce the size of required solar fields and parabolic trough system equipment and installation costs.
  • The result will be greater solar-to-electric efficiency, above 15%, at the lowest possible cost.

Central Tower

  • Pressurised air receivers and volumetric air receivers are being developed to increase their scope of applications and to improve their current performance.

Cost reduction

  • Increases efficiency of the solar field and the receiver.
  • Decreases solar field and receiver manufacturing costs.
  • Simplifies operations and maintenance.
  • Optimises storage design and operation.