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European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants

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The European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (ETP ZEP) has its own website to document and promote its activities. This page provides an overview of the process leading to the creation of the ETP ZEP and links to related documention .


Following developments in the context of Framework Programme projects and coordination actions in the field of clean power generation, towards the end of 2004, industrial stakeholders and the research community had several meetings, the outcome of which was the creation of a Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants.

The initial concept and guiding principles of the Technology Platform has been developed by the European Commission Directorate General for Research with the support of a grouping of industrial associations which includes EURELECTRIC, VGB, OGP, EURACOAL, EUNITED TURBINES and EPPSA. A First Outline Concept of the Platform and tentative structure was proposed.

An Open Call for Expressions of Interest was published in March 2005 in order to set up the first Advisory Council of the Platform.

The Results of the Call PDF icon [99 Kb] are available.

An Advisory Council PDF icon [19 Kb] was nominated in 2005 to steer, monitor and provide guidance on all activities related to the ETP ZEP as well and the required structures and procedures.

Objectives and Structure

Over the summer of 2005, the foundation of the Platform was developed and laid down in three documents, i.e.:


The main elements of the outline concept and tentative structure of the Platform are:

Scope. In line with the proposed priority for “Near Zero Emission Power Generation” in FP7, the initial scope of the Platform aims at identifying and removing the obstacles to the creation of highly efficient power plants with near-zero emissions which will drastically reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuel use, particularly coal. This will include CO2 capture and storage, as well as clean conversion technologies leading to substantial improvements in plant efficiency, reliability and costs.

Structure. The Platform should be open and accessible, allowing the participation of all active stakeholders. The structure should reflect the diverse and complementary activities, which will be undertaken by the Platform, and be such as to ensure that initiatives are taken forward in an active and dynamic manner.

In addition, a Mirror Group was established to have a body representing all political institutions from the Member States. It's role is to proactively advise the Advisory Council from a perspective (as laid down in this Mirror Group - Terms of reference / Rules of Procedure PDF icon [40 Kb]).



In line with the scope and structure developed, the actual platform was officially launches on 1 December 2005 by the European Commissioner for Research, Janez POTOČNIK.