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Biofuels Vision Report

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Public consultation on the Vision Report of the Biofuels Research Advisory Council (BIOFRAC)

Biofuels in the European Union A Vision for 2030 and Beyond

The Biofuels Research Advisory Council (BIOFRAC), a high-level group on biofuels established by the European Commission, has delivered its draft Vision report "Biofuels in the European Union - A Vision for 2030 and beyond" ( 492 KB). This report outlines the current situation of biofuels and presents a long-term view on how to overcome the technical and non-technical barriers for biofuel deployment in the European Union and worldwide.

Invitation to submit inputs / comments

All interested European organisations, especially organisations which represent groups of relevant research or market actors, are kindly invited to contribute to the consultation process by submitting their views to the Commission before 21 April 2006.
All comments must be sent by e-mail to RTD-RENEWABLES-BIOFUELS