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1/10/2005 (Renews 4) – First International Biorefinery Workshop

The first international biorefinery workshop was held on 20-21 July 2005 in Washington, US. The event was jointly organised by the EC Directorate-General for Research and the US Department of Energy. (…)

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Information day for proposers

Researchers and industry representatives interested in participating in the latest call for proposals in energy research (FP6-2004-ENERGY-3) had the opportunity to meet with fellow participants and European Commission staff at an information day in Brussels.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Bio-energy workshop in Russia

An EU-Russia workshop on bio-energy was organised by the Energy Directorate of DG Research in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on 7-8 October 2004. The aim of the workshop, hosted at the All Russian Thermal Institute in Moscow, was to explore the opportunities for Russian participation in “Sustainable Energy Systems” activities in FP6.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – EU and China share experience on biofuel

A two-day workshop on liquid biofuels in Beijing during November brought together a 20-strong group from Europe and 80 of China’s leading experts and researchers to identify current technical challenges and ways to enhance RTD co-operation opportunities between the EU and China.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Biofuels on the road

Biofuels provide alternative fuels for the transport sector, which is currently almost completely dependent on one fuel – oil – and accounts for more than 30% of final energy consumption in the European Union. In the EU, 70% of the oil is imported, which makes us dangerously dependent and vulnerable to the fluctuations in the world oil markets.

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1/02/2005 (Renews 3) – Renewable energy in Denver

The 8th World Renewable Energy Congress – Linking the World with Renewable Energy – took place in Denver Colorado between 29 August and 3 September 2004. The conference was hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and attracted 915 participants from 82 countries.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – International cooperation in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

As a contribution to the European Research Area’s opening up to the world, INCO activities represent an important element of the Sixth Framework Programme.

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1/07/2004 (Renews 2) – International cooperation within Sustainable Energy Systems (SES)

In the field of renewable energy technologies, the most interesting and rewarding way for third country partners to be involved is direct participation in the FP6 projects.

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The meeting was organised in connection with the 5th EU-China Energy Conference, which was held in Brussels in the second half of May. The purpose was to discuss and review the potential for closer collaboration between the EU and China on long-term research for sustainable energy systems.

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