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Fission and radiation protection

May 2006
Issue 5

This issue of RENEWS reports on the European Technology Platforms in the renewable energy sector. These industry-led fora bring together stakeholders so they can agree on the way forward, develop new knowledge and technology, and transfer the results into improving energy security, the environment and growth.

Technology platforms have to work in an open and transparent way to avoid being perceived as closed clubs representing only the interests of the biggest players. They have to integrate the many individual efforts, create partnerships and explore new possibilities – thus creating genuine benefit for all involved.

As you may know, each platform will develop a Strategic Research Agenda, and this will be an important resource for the Commission for the Seventh Framework Programme to ensure that the Work Programme corresponds to the needs of industry. The research agendas will also be of value for the Strategic Energy Technology Plan, announced in the Commission’s recent Green Paper on a European strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure energy.

The SmartGrids platform met on 6-7 April 2006, the first General Assembly of the Photovoltaics platform will take place in Brussels on 19 May 2006, and the launch conference for the Biofuels platform is planned for 8 June 2006. I would like to encourage our readers to follow actively the developments of these initiatives. The best way to do this is to be present, otherwise you can visit the websites and, of course, read the RENEWS newsletter.

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