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July 2004 - Issue 2


This Newsletter is issued close to the date of the publication of the last major call for medium- to long-term projects in Sustainable Energy Systems in the Sixth Framework Programme. The indicative budget of the call is €190 million and proposals are invited for almost 50 topics, half of which will relate to renewable energy technologies. Approximately two-thirds of the budget will be allocated to Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence, while the remaining part will cover STREPs and Coordination Actions.

We suggest that you study the call text carefully before embarking on proposal preparations. To receive additional information and to have the opportunity to ask questions, you are welcome to participate in one of the Information Days organised either by the Commission or National Contact Points in the Member States.

This is also an excellent way to make contact with other researchers interested in the same area. A Commission event for renewable energy technologies and for socio-economic research has been scheduled for early October 2004 in Brussels.

One particular aspect we would like to highlight in this issue is international cooperation. As Commissioner Busquin stated: “The European Research Area must be opened up to the rest of the world. This will enable EU countries, and third countries, to benefit from international cooperation in science and technology, thereby paving the way for closer political and economic relations”.

The participation from the so-called third countries in our activities is rather low, despite the global character of energy challenges. If you are an EU researcher, please consider drawing on the expertise of a partner from outside the Union. If you are a researcher from a third country, please remember that you have the opportunity to participate and, in many cases, receive funding.

This issue of the Newsletter describes the rules for participation in more detail, along with examples of present and future actions aiming to increase the awareness of the opportunities available to the world wide research community. Renewable energy technologies are vital for our future. We count on your contribution and your participation in our activities.

Wiktor Raldow

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