Energy Strategy

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Research and innovation – a crucial part of the EU's energy strategy

The EU's wider energy policy - the Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy, aims to give EU consumers access to secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy.

Research, Innovation and Competitiveness is one of the five key dimensions of this strategy and contributes to the overall ambition of fundamentally transforming the EU's energy system.

In order to achieve the EU's energy goals for 2030 and achieve a low-carbon society by the second half of this century, we need research and innovation to develop breakthrough technologies and solutions that can be used by citizens and companies.

The research and innovation energy strategy

In 2016 the Commission presented a comprehensive research, innovation and competitiveness strategy, which supports the objectives of the Energy Union.

This is outlined in the communication, "Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation"PDF icon, adopted as part of the Energy Union package Clean Energy for all Europeans, where research and innovation has been recognised as a driver for the three overarching goals:

  • Energy efficiency first
  • Europe as a global leader in renewables
  • A fair deal for consumers

The Communication includes twenty measures focusing on what the EU can do to:

  • Correct the market failure by regulations
    • to give policy signals and
    • mobilise private investment
  • Set the direction with European public funding

The research and innovation actions of this strategy are supported by the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan and Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA).