Energy research areas

Details of research and innovation energy policies including publications, articles and related links

Renewable Energy

Renewable energies will play a major role in tackling climate change and can provide Europe with affordable and secure energy.
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Fossil Fuels

The EU aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels while improving methods of decarbonisation and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.
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Advanced Energy Conversion and Distribution

Smart grid and storage solutions provide other means of more efficiently using available energy resources.
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Nuclear Fission

By carefully controlling this process at an industrial scale, we can harness large quantities of energy released to generate electricity for the benefit of society as a whole.
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Nuclear Fusion

Harnessing fusion on earth would provide sustainable energy on a nearly unlimited scale to supply the needs of a growing world population.
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Horizontal aspects

Social Sciences and Humanities - International Cooperation - Education Training and skills.
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