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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

Why Energy Research?

Fission and radiation protection

Energy research is essential to support the development of a more sustainable energy policy. It ranges from the nurturing of new, cleaner production technologies based on different energy sources to the demonstration of innovative energy conservation techniques.

Power station

The challenge for energy research is to reconcile conflicting pressures. These are a growing energy demand and the need to reduce the environmental impact of energy production and use while, at the same time, seeking to improve:

  • security and diversity of supply
  • economic competitiveness, and
  • social benefit.

Energy is vital to modern society

Energy is a key component of citizens' quality of life and an important factor in economic competitiveness and employment. But, there is a price to pay. Energy production and use can, in some cases, degrade the environment, the growing recognition of which has catapulted energy policy to the top of the political agenda worldwide.

The key objectives for energy research are: