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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy


Fission and radiation protection


EU SET-Plan PDF icon [12 MB ]
Strategic Energy Technology Plan

Catalogue KI-30-08-617-EN-D


EU Energy Research PDF icon [2.3 MB ]
Supporting research for a sustainable and secure energy system.

Catalogue KI-30-08-611-EN-D

Energy: Economic, social and policy-oriented research in Europe

Energy Corridors PDF icon [10 MB ]
The European Union (EU) imports today half of its energy needs and it is generally recognised that this figure could increase to 70% by 2030. While our EU natural gas production will decrease in the future, our consumption will double in the next two decades. At the same time, due to our increasing transport needs, it is expected that the EU oil consumption will continue to grow. EU electricity demand could increase by 50 % in the next 25 years.

ISBN 92-79-03729-3
ISSN 1018-5593
EUR 22581
Catalogue KI-NA-22581-EN-C

Energy Research in FP7

Energy Research in FP7 PDF icon [3 MB]

The focus of the research and demonstration actions in FP7 will be on accelerating the development of cost-effective technologies for a more sustainable energy economy for Europe (and the rest of the world) and ensuring that European industry can compete successfully on the global stage.

EUR 22576
ISSN 1018-5593
Catalogue KI-NA-22576-EN-C
ISBN 978-92-79-03891-4

Energy: Economic, social and policy-oriented research in Europe

Energy: Economic, social and policy-oriented research in Europe PDF icon [717 KB ]
Energy is more and more at the top of the European Union agenda. Research and Technological Development (RTD) is a key means of achieving a more secure, sustainable and competitive energy system. The EU Research Framework Programme is the main legal, planning and financial instrument to promote new technologies and to ensure a better coordination of RTD in Europe.

ISBN 92-79-03723-4
ISSN 1018-5593
EUR 22577
Catalogue KI-NA-22577-EN-C

Energy Technologies Knowledge Perception Measures

Energy Technologies: Knowledge - Perception - Measures
PDF icon [2.5 MB ]
This survey reports on "Energy: knowledge, perceptions, measures". It builds on the experience gained from earlier Eurobarometer surveys linked to energy and energy technology, especially the "Energy: issues, options and technologies" survey conducted in early-2002.

ISBN 92-79-02690-9
ISSN 1018-5593
EUR 22396
Catalogue KI-NA-22396-EN-C

World Energies Outlook - 2050 (WETO-H2)

"World Energy Technology Outlook 2050" (WETO H2) PDF icon [1.8 MB]

The WETO-H2 study has developed a Reference projection of the world energy system and two variant scenarios, a carbon constraint case and a hydrogen case. These scenarios have been used to explore the options for technology and climate policies in the next half-century.
All the projections to 2050 have been made with a world energy sector simulation model – the POLES model – that describes the development of the national and regional energy systems, and their interactions through international energy markets, under constraints on resources and climate policies.

EUR 22038
Catalogue KI-NA-22038-EN-C
ISBN 92-79-01636-9
ISSN 1018-5593

Key message PDF icon [50 KB ~ 150 KB]

Cover "Future Tasks for future European Energy R&D"

Future Tasks for future European Energy R&D PDF icon [877 KB ]
In 2002 the Commission asked its DG-RTD Advisory Group on Energy (AGE) to develop a vision for energy R&D on a European scale, with emphasis on overcoming the barriers between advocates of different energy options and the consequent compartmentalisation of advice into unlinked recommendations about each from their enthusiastic advocates. The objective was to support decision-makers with wide and thorough analyses of the issues at stake, and of the potential of various technology options to provide Europe with sustainable energy supply and use.

ISBN 92-79-02689-5
ISSN 1018-5593
EUR 22395
Catalogue KI-NA-22395-EN-C

Transition to a sustainable energy system for Europe: The R&D perspective

Transition to a sustainable energy system for Europe: The R&D perspective PDF icon [565 KB]

Europe has set a long term objective to change to a sustainable energy system for Europe. The report examines the key drivers of change, and concludes that the task is both important and urgent. Furthermore, the needed energy technologies are not yet ready, and require extensive further R&D. Two critically important fields are energy for transport and conversion technologies for electricity and heat; the report presents the options and identifies key issues in relation to each. End-use efficiency is identified as a further important area, with some R&D needs at a European level, and a need for an ambitious long term target. Broader energy policy frameworks must support and encourage energy R&D. Funding and commitment remain inadequate, and new organisational and funding structures must be found in the early days of FP7. A sense of immediate urgency is vital.

EUR 22394
Catalogue KI-NA-22394-EN-C
ISBN 92-79-02688-7

Cover "ExternE – Externalities of Energy – Methodology 2005 Update"

ExternE – Externalities of Energy – Methodology 2005 Update PDF icon [3.6 Mb]
The internalisation of external costs is a key element for the implementation of sustainable development in Europe. The so-called “ExternE methodology” has been updated in order to better quantify the social and environmental damages of energy, especially those provoked by air pollution coming from energy production and consumption.

ISBN 92-79-00423-9
EUR 21951
Catalogue KI-NA-21951-EN-C

Cover "Socio-Economic Projects In Energy, Transport and Environment"

Socio-Economic Projects In Energy, Transport and Environment PDF icon [3.7 Mb]
This booklet presents European socio-economic projects in the energy, transport and environmental field funded under the Fifth and the Sixth EU RTD Framework Programmes. The projects deal with modeling and scenarios, direct and external costs, policy instruments and governance, social acceptability and human behaviour.

ISBN 92-894-6640-5
EUR 21328
Catalogue KI-NA-21328-EN-C

Towards the European Energy Research Area - Recommendations by the ERA Working Group of the Advisory Group on Energy

Towards the European Energy Research Area - Recommendations by the ERA Working Group of the Advisory Group on Energy PDF icon [561 Kb]
This report highlights the importance and the relevance of making full use of ERA related instruments to help energy RTD in Europe to adopt ambitious long-term goals for technology deployment. It underlines a set of 10 practical recommendations to make ERA a reality in energy research.

ISBN 92-894-8744
EUR 21353
Catalogue KI-NA-21353-EN-C

Cover "Key Tasks for future European Energy R&D"

Key Tasks for future European Energy R&D - A first set of recommendations for research and development by the Advisory Group on Energy  PDF icon [1.239 Mb]
The objective of this first report is to identify key tasks for energy R&D in order to contribute to the definition of a possible energy RTD strategy, over various time horizons (short, medium, long-term) and to serve as an input for the shaping of future activities in energy research, carried out within the EU, at EC or national levels.

ISBN 92-894-8750-X
EUR 21352
Catalogue KI-NA-21352-EN-C

Cover 'Assessing the Impact of Energy Research'

Assessing the Impact of Energy Research PDF icon [277 Kb]
Assessment of the impact of research is of real importance in today's world, partly because research is known to be a key factor in future economic growth and partly because of pressures for public accountability. Aware that, in the field of energy research, Member States were taking different approaches to evaluation and impact assessment, in June 2001 the European Commission brought together an informal group of experts with the aim of gaining an idea of the current status of these activities in the EU and establishing what might be done to improve standards and achieve harmonisation. The Group, known as EREVIA (Energy Research Evaluation and Impact Assessment), held six meetings over a period of 16 months. This report is based on the Group's presentations and discussions. Interim versions were considered at each of the Group's meetings.

ISBN 92-894-7325-8
EUR 21354
Catalogue KI-NA-21354-EN-C

Cover "Energy R&D Statistics in the European Research Area"

Energy R&D Statistics in the European Research Area PDF icon [1.693 Mb]
In 2003 the European Commission set up an expert group on energy R&D statistics in order to investigate the situation in Europe. Available statistics, in particular those of EUROSTAT and the International Energy Agency, were analysed with respect to their structure, level of aggregation, coverage, data collection method etc. and compared to users’ needs.
This final report sums up the major findings, conclusions and recommendations for further actions.

ISBN 92-894-8964-2
EUR 21453
Catalogue KI-NA-21-453-EN-C

Eurobarometer: Energy: Issues, Options and Technologies

Eurobarometer: Energy: Issues, Options and Technologies 
The survey analysed in this report was conducted in the fifteen Member States between 23 February and 4 April 2002 as part of Eurobarometer 57.0, at the request of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research, and was organised by the Public Opinion Analysis Unit of the Press and Communication Service. The report analyses the attitudes of the citizens of the European Union to energy and energy technology issues.

ISBN 92-894-5196-3
EUR 20624
Catalogue KI-NA-20624-EN-C

WETO cover

World energy, technology and climate policy outlook 2030 
WETO positions Europe in a global context and condenses in one easy-to read document: the world energy projections (including future energy demand and supply, carbon dioxide emissions, fossil fuels production and prices,…); the energy technology progress (including learning curves and specific cases for power generation technologies); the climate change policy impacts (including a CO2 emission abatement case and the consequences of accelerated technological development).

ISBN 92-894-4186-0
EUR 20366
Catalogue KI-NA-20366-EN-C

External Costs - Research results on socio-environmental damages due to electricity and transport 

External Costs - Research results on socio-environmental damages due to electricity and transport PDF icon [3.36 Mb]
This publication presents in an easy-to-read and synthetic way some results of the European research projects related to the quantification of the social and environmental damages coming from the production and use of energy (electricity and transport sectors). This is a crucial background information for decision-makers willing to act in favour of a more sustainable world.

ISBN 92-894-3353-1
EUR 20198
Catalogue KI-NA-20-198-EN-C

Science and Technology for Sustainable Energy 

Science and Technology for Sustainable Energy PDF icon [675 Kb]
This brochure describes why energy research is so important to the EU. It sets out the priorities for future energy research in Europe, and gives examples of some current projects.

ISBN 92-894-4350-2
EUR 20485
Catalogue KI-NA-20-485-EN-C

European Energy Research 

European Energy Research PDF icon [476 Kb]
A summary of research planned for the Sixth Framework Programme to develop the technologies which will provide a sustainable and secure energy supply for Europe in the future.

Catalogue KI-46-02-557-EN-D

The European Research Area 

The European Research Area PDF icon [918 Kb]
ERA will bring together scientists from across Europe to enable them to collaborate on large-scale, multidisciplinary research, thereby enhancing the quality of EU energy research.

Catalogue KI-46-02-565-EN-D

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